Temp to Permanent by Toni Noel

Temp to Permanent by Toni Noel
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (170 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed By Larkspur

Because Carina Carrington equates happiness with success, she owns a thriving business and a nonexistent sex life. To replace her ailing secretary the temp agency sends Greg Lawless, a secretive temp without credentials who possesses exceptional office skills and a voice that curls Carina’s toes.

With this temp comes temptation, and Carina’s problems multiply. Her strong attraction to Greg leaves her in breathless confusion. Her longing for his hard body interferes with her work, but he determinedly keeps her on track.

She seeks advice from her support team — her best friends and her mother — who advise her to pursue Greg with a vengeance, the identical path her heart wants to pursue. Under this pressure Greg succumbs and shares her bed.

Then Carina learns someone, perhaps even Greg, seeks to destroy her company. Torn between her belief in his innocence, and he’s likely guilt, Carina tells Greg she’s terminating him, but Greg convinces her to give him twenty-four hours to find her saboteur and prove his innocence. Can he?

Carina Carrinton is in a fix and needs a temp and Greg Lawless comes to her rescue, but is it really a rescue or something else? Can they keep it official in the office and keep the lust at bay?

Toni Noel gives her readers a story full of drama, suspense and even a mystery in a contemporary setting. She’s written a great, strong minded and strong-willed heroine and a hero who is far from perfect and much too human which makes this romance something special. Moreover as you are opting for the Joshua’s law, you will have a thorough idea of the details that are inside the page. viagra india prices The presence of counterfeit websites has created some hassle but it’s not a big issue. canadian cialis mastercard http://djpaulkom.tv/dj-pauls-christmas-cooking-featuring-grilled-pork-chops-and-grilled-corn-on-da-cob/ Women are affronted by things abounding added – the by buy levitra viagra relationships that absorb adulation and love. Very often, erection problems occur gradually over a time after the prostate gland has order generic cialis been removed using radiation therapy.

Her narrative is clear and easy to read, but unfortunately the storyline tends to drag until the drama and mystery really come into play. Then I found myself not being able to turn pages fast enough. Her secondary characters I found endearing and the villain was very frightening. Our heroine, Carina lacked nothing; even in her obsessive and critical mode she really stands out. Even better, I really liked that the hero was no millionaire, no larger than life character, but simply a man who picks himself up by the bootstraps and keeps going by putting one foot in front of the other. He gets high points from me.

The romance is that often too impossible to avoid but usually never ends well — the office romance — and this one is no less ill fated than others. The readers will get to run the gamut with the characters as they stumble their way through to their very deserving Happy Ever After. The love scenes are sensual and left this romance lover well sated.

If you love your contemporary romance with a bit of a mystery, then you’ll love this one.

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