Talk Dirty To Me

Talk Dirty To Me by Christine Daily
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Dandelion

“Phone actress” Amanda ‘Chloe’ Davenport has always done the dirty talking – until now. On the phone she’s brave, bold and sassy, able to make a man come with a single whisper. In reality, she’s shy and self-conscious, and she’s been unwilling to put her heart on the line with a man. Until she meets Robby. Now she finds herself in a tiny beach cottage, awaiting the scariest role of her life – as a woman yearning to be touched, fulfilled and worshiped by a man.

Computer nerd Robby Mitchell isn’t a take-control type of guy. But when he realizes how damaged and frail Chloe’s self-confidence is, he decides to take action and show her how a man should treat a woman. Will his plan of seduction teach her a thing or two about talking dirty?

“Talk Dirty to Me” is a short, sexy tale that’s bound to satisfy. Amanda, better known as Chloe to her phone sex clients, finds more than just a paying customer in Robby, a computer technician she discovers by accident when she dials a computer tech service hotline. After a year of talking on the phone, the two finally meet and have a night of mind-blowing sex and multiple orgasms. What makes the night special for them both, though, is that this time, Robby is in charge of the talking – and the pleasuring.

The characters here are both pretty well developed, and the final part of the story, which centers on the night they finally meet in person, is hot and explicitly described. What’s nice about their experience, also, is that it requires the shy Amanda to finally let herself feel vulnerable with a man. That was a nice character growth that rounded out the story.

I did feel that the pacing of “Talk Dirty to Me” was a little uneven: the first third of the story covers one five-minute phone call; the brief middle third covers an entire year; then the last third unfolds over the course of about twelve hours. I had a little trouble transitioning between these stages in their relationship. I also wasn’t convinced that a computer technician would jump into a personal – and then quite sexual – telephone conversation with a customer that calls for help with a printer.

However, these issues aside, I did enjoy “Talk Dirty to Me,” especially the final part, when Robby and Amanda meet in person and give themselves up to each other, in more ways than one. You’ll enjoy this hot tale with a side of sweetness as the hero and heroine find true love together.

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