Steamy Encounter

Steamy Encounter by Samantha Gentry
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Event planner Afton Pendleton was very pleased with her arrangements for the upcoming grand opening party at the luxury ski resort. But she hadn’t anticipated the resort’s dynamic owner, Gage Brennan, arriving on the scene and making arbitrary last minute changes to her carefully worked out preparations. Angry sparks fly fast and furious between them. But before she can regain control of her project, the worst snow storm in fifty years shuts down everything. The two adversaries are stranded together in an empty lodge. Sparks of a different type fly as the physical attraction between them spirals out of control. Could this steamy encounter possibly lead to a lasting relationship?

Once again Ms. Gentry writes a sizzling tale of romance between what seems to be an unlikely couple. Afton Pendleton is a working woman who does her job and knows how to do it well. Gage Brennan is a rich resort owner who is having a grand opening and wants it done his way. They are constantly butting heads.

I liked the character of Afton. She does her job well and everything runs smoothly until Gage comes to the lodge. I felt that she was a little timid with men as she gives in to Gage on some of the party things in order to avoid conflict. She also gets spooked several times when Gage come up behind her and she doesn’t hear him. She keeps saying he startles her. I believe that Afton wanted more with Gage but was afraid to initiate anything because he is married and she does not want it to affect how people see her in her business.

Gage was portrayed as a tough, hard nosed businessman. From his dealings with his soon to be ex-wife to how he handles Cynthia Hargrove, he seems to be all business. I thought that was all a front. I believe how he deals with Afton away from the public eye is how he really is. This is the kind of man I like. Hard outside, soft inside.

The story has several suspenseful moments with the storm, possible break-ins and people trying to snoop where they have no right. There are several minor characters that add to the story line. Stuart, the lodge chef, is funny when Gage meets him in the kitchen. I laughed when that happened. I also laughed when I read the scene at the hot springs between Afton and Gage. There is also a reporter I did not care for. She poked her nose where it did not belong to stir up trouble.

This story is about two people trapped by a storm who fight their feelings at first and how the romance between them blossoms. Most of the time I was clearing the fog off my glasses as I read this steamy story of romance in a resort. I wonder where Ms. Gentry’s next encounter will take place?

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