Station 13 by Viola Grace

Station 13 by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (34 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Kaylee has been alone on Station 13 since the Alliance declared it haunted by her spirit. What they didn’t know is that her experiments with dimensional transport had trapped her between worlds, physical and psychic. Dirven arrives and she heaves a sigh of relief. In nerd she trusts. He is everything she remembered from research symposiums, and quite a bit more. She should be guilty for peeping in on him in the shower, but it is all for research, isn’t it? Confident that he will be able to bring her back, she finally is able to experiment with her intangible form in a manner that brings both of them pleasure.

The Alliance has declared Station 13 haunted. They truly believe that the spirit of Kaylee haunts the station, and no one will work there. The truth is, Kaylee was conducting experiments in dimensional transport, and the last one went a bit wrong. Will Dirven be able to bring Kaylee back into the real dimension again? Is Kaylee ready to be with Dirven and help turn Station 13 into a training center for the Sector Guard? And will Dirven be able to bring Kaylee back all the way?

Viola Grace has a wonderful sense of the absurd. I say that with great admiration for her imagination and creativity. There are only two characters in this book for the most part, and yet I didn’t mind that at all.

When Dirven first arrives, he is determined to do things right. When Kaylee “visits” him in the shower, there is a heat level that jumps up a notch. Kaylee has been interested in more than Dirven’s brain for some time, and she is finally able to act on that attraction. When they first get together, in Dirven’s sleeping mind, it raises the heat again. And it is how they are able to finally make the breakthrough that will help bring Kaylee back.

I love that all of Viola Grace’s women are extremely strong and determined characters, and also that she doesn’t make them all cookie cutter women. Each of her characters is unique, and that goes for her men as well. If you want to take a quick trip to outer space for some fun and plenty of heat, stop and visit Station 13. I promise you will enjoy it.

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