Sapphire Night by Kaia Logan

Sapphire Night by Kaia Logan
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (56 pgs)
Other: M/F, toys
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Tiger Lily

While setting up for a charity art exhibit, sculptor Jacquie Taylor is nearly crushed by her giant urn, but she’s saved, thanks to gorgeous photographer, Ethan Wolfe. The artist and red-blooded woman in Jacquie longs to explore his shape, but she’s engaged to another man. Then her fiancé cheats, and all bets are off. Jacquie allows herself to indulge in Ethan’s charms to drown her sorrows—a night so steamy and intense it leaves her breathless. But when Ethan wants more than one night of passion, Jacquie panics. How can she even think about letting another man into her life…and her heart?

She’s just found out her fiancée isn’t in love with her. He’s not her fiancée but very much in love with her. So what’s a guy to do? Try to meet her anyway because this Cinderella wants to have a Sapphire Night.

Kaia Logan writes an interesting love story between two unforgettable characters. I liked the attention to detail in this work. You felt like you were really there at the opening. I liked that they were both artists and that both felt like the other was out of reach, but they never gave up.

Although I liked the story and the love scenes were long, it almost felt like the story was all sex and her regretting that she wasn’t with him longer. I thought she acted like her worth came from him and she was a strong woman on her own. I liked that Ethan wanted nothing but to please her, but thought they fell into bed a bit quick. I wanted to see more of the relationship develop.

With a bit more work on the editing, I think this story could be very powerful. Although the point of view was clear, the overuse of pronouns detracted from the overall storytelling. I wanted to get lost in the plot despite the minor flaws. With a bit more work, this story could really shine.

I liked the love scenes and felt the sex on the car was hot, hot, hot. You knew these characters felt more than just superficial lust for each other, even if they didn’t know it.

If you want a sexy read for a cool fall night, then you want to read Sapphire Night. I give this short story 3 ½ cherries.

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