Review: Welcome To Eden

Welcome To Eden
By Rynne Raines

Within the walls of Eden, temptation rules and anything goes…

Psychiatrist Caitlyn Ward never imagined setting foot inside the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles until the day a patient’s concerns about sexual desires went beyond her expertise. Now, determined to uncover the answers needed to alleviate her patient’s mind, Caitlyn ventures into a world of dark and forbidden pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

Let me first say; I had heard of this short story, read the blurb on my own and had already added it to my wish list when I realized I could review it! Now, I have to say, I’m incredibly glad that I did, as I got the chance to discover and enjoy a new-to-me author that will now be added to my auto-buy list.

When Caitlyn Ward is confronted with her ignorance as far as fetishes, by one of her own patients, she decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate a lifestyle that has always fascinated her. Whether she was willing to admit it or not, the thought of giving up control to someone else is something she finds titillating and she convinces herself that she is only doing this for her patient. I loved to see how uncomfortable, yet fascinated and extremely turned on she was by what she witnessed in the club. Her reactions to Evan were intense and kept the heat going from the moment they set eyes on each other.

Evan Chambers is the owner of Eden and when he sees Caitlyn in his club he’s convinced she must be playing some sort of game, and her innocence only intrigues him even more. When he discovers why she is in fact in his club, he’s relieved and fascinated even more by her seemingly naturally submissive nature. Evan’s sense of humor and intensity had my pulse racing on more than one occasion, and I envied Caitlyn her contact with him. When he’s just as determined to show her the many elements that make up her sexuality, I just wanted him more!

Rynne Raines has created a winner with this short story that left me wanting more, if only to get more of a taste of the heat generated between Caitlyn and Evan. My only complaint… I wanted MORE! I just fell in love with these characters and Rynne Raines has become someone to watch for. Her skillful blending of humor, heat and the beginnings of a relationship are more than enough for me to wholly recommend Welcome to Eden as a hot, intense and quick read.


Review by Viscaria

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