Review: Space Opera: The Second Movement

Space Opera: The Second Movement
by Stephanie Burke

Free at last! But everything comes with a cost.

Gara and Javen have finally realized their dream of living on their own planet, free of the white-coats, free of the space stations and their restrictive beliefs, free of new Earth’s Sphere and the taint of being “second class.”

Free to play and explore the mysterious Evergreen Lands, free to live as they choose, by the strength of their bodies and the instincts they now allow to rule their actions. Free to construct a new society based on the ideals of justice and honor.

With dangerous factions at work, a mysterious prophesy, and an old enemy amassing, this stunning melody may ring out with the perfect notes to save the worthy and unworthy alike.

They were truly free. But that freedom demands an awful price.

The trials of love and life are an unending story. For many, they reach their end together. And yet still more aren’t always able to reach that point, no matter how they try. And so it is with Javen and Gara, Stephanie Burke’s delightful main characters of Space Opera: The Second Movement. Now, I highly suggest that you buy the first book of this series, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll be dying to know just what happened before this story.

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the first Space Opera but Ms. Burke doesn’t miss a step in filling me in on the past events in such a way that it doesn’t feel as if you’re learning something new but instead understanding what has brought our heroes to their newest step in their journey. Imperial Ryuu Javen and his mate, High Lord Chancellor Gara have found a paradise, one that Javen instantly connects to especially with the oncoming birth of his and Gara’s child.

Yes, Javen’s pregnant. Yes, Javen’s a male. It startled me too! But babies are babies and wait until you see the birth of this one! Definitely unique. I found it to be beautifully written. Not graphical but definitely unforgettable.

But even as they begin to build a home and a civilization with their friend, Mizuki and his mate, Gara’s Second, Shinji, all is not well. A mystical being has informed Javen that he will be needed once again, to fulfill his destiny as the Imperial Ryuu (talk about bad timing!). The lab they were created in, as protectors of New Earth against the Phoenix Strand, is having some severe problems. Like the once brilliant mad scientist who seems hell-bent on doing whatever he can to protect the new human race, even if it costs lives in the process. Let’s not forget that now that they’ve found a home, there are other ryuujin (dragons) and torajin (tigers) that still need saving!

Ms. Burke weaves a seamless tale of unconditional love, friendship, heartbreak and power in this second installment of her Space Opera and I loved getting to meet these men and learning their story. The dialogue is snappy, the sex sizzling and the emotions are so poignant, I sniffled quite a bit! It’s easy to fall for Javen and Gara and I was rooting for them despite a deep-down knowledge that their peace wasn’t to be.

Right now anyway. I highly recommend this story to all who like a different sort of love story and those with patience who can wait for the next segment. Ms. Burke, my hat’s off to you!


Review by Narcissus

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