Review: Into His Keeping

Into His Keeping
by Gail Faulkner

She became the air he breathed. Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul. Then she was gone. He’d never accepted that she’d wanted to leave. Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him. Fifteen years later it was way past time to accept she’d chosen not to return.

Second chances were wishful thinking. Jill wasn’t looking for one. She didn’t have time for pipe dreams and she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become. Famous, rich and now retired from football, he might not remember her. If he did, he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago. She desperately hoped she had something he would care about though.

A second chance was all Holdin needed. Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Gail Faulkner knows how to write an erotic romance! This book comes from my backlist of faves, and I just had to pick a Faulkner, as this is one that I’ve reread a couple of times and plan on reading again. I love this book!

Jill is an amazingly strong heroine, and I found that I had nothing but admiration for her. When life threw her for a loop, she picked herself up, never complaining and moved forward. When she’s finally able to return to Holdin, she’s not expecting him to welcome her with open arms, but she needs him to do something for her. When Holdin is determined to make a new start with her, she’s determined to make him understand why it wouldn’t work. Little does she know that Holdin is just as determined to make her understand why it would.

Holdin is one hot male, and that’s definitely a trademark of Gail’s. She sure can depict a dominant male! I loved how Holdin could be so dominant when it came to certain aspects of his relationship with Jill, and yet he would be so careful of her health and needs it was so touching it brought me to the point of tears. His determination to prove to Jill that no matter what that they had a future together, and his love for Jill were amazingly poignant. Who doesn’t love to see a strong man helpless in the face of one small woman?

This tale is a poignant and sensual tale of love lost and second chances that keeps you hoping and in the end leaves you with a smile. Not only are the love scenes incredibly hot, they show the depth of emotion felt by these two characters. I’ll say it again, I love this book! Not only is this a recommend, but it’s a “keeper shelf” recommend that I hope you will add to your list.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

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