Review: Game On

Game On
by Liza James

Desperate for her husband’s attention—particularly in the bedroom—Bree Winters purposely drops her wedding band down the sink in hopes of luring Shane upstairs for the seduction of his life. Only the Superbowl is on, which proves to be a bigger draw than her charms. Frustrated, she half-heartedly threatens to call their handsome neighbor—who happens to be a plumber—and reward him with sexual favors in exchange for retrieving her ring.

Shane knows his and Bree’s sex life has become boring and predictable, and it scares the hell out of him—especially since they’ve only been married a couple of years. But he’s overworked and tired as hell, and all he wants to do is watch the Superbowl. When Bree threatens to entice the neighbor over with promises of sexual favors, Shane discovers the thought of watching his wife with another man is a surprising turn-on. And maybe just what they need to jump start their stalled sex life. The big game suddenly holds no interest because in the master bath, it’s GAME ON.

Everyone knows the tale of the unsatisfied housewife, right? She normally ends up with Mr. Handyman next door while her husband is away in blissful ignorance. Well, in “Game On”, Liza James flips that story right on its bum in this fast scorcher of a tale.

Bree Winters is a frustrated housewife with a plan that’s sure to get her husband, Shane into gear. But when he threatens to ruin her plan, she throws out their delicious neighbor, Jeff Haist as his replacement. What does Jeff do for a living? You guessed it, he’s the plumber! Except Shane’s reaction to Bree’s suggestion is definitely not the typical husbandly answer. I cracked up at Bree’s reaction (trust me, it’s a true Oh My God, What? Moment) and seeing Bree start the game with Jeff…well, here’s some advice: have a cooler of ice nearby.

This story was a brilliant, one- two punch combination that blindsided me and left me glued to the pages. The chemistry between Jeff, Bree, and Shane is amazing, so fiery hot, my eyeballs felt blistered! Combined with the lines of sweet love between husband and wife (and the all around dirty dialogue) and you’ve got a brilliant story that blows your mind away in just twenty-one short pages. This one’s for those sultry summer nights!


Review by Narcissus

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