Review: Blackout

by Dara Edmondson

Kendra’s boyfriend accuses her of being a cold fish then dumps her for a coworker. She laments her sorry love life. But when a blackout traps her in an elevator with a sexy Latin, she discovers her inner vixen and sets out to make up for lost time.

From the opening paragraph, Blackout grabbed my attention and thrust me into Kendra’s plight. Ms. Edmondson zeroed in on the one scenario guaranteed to strike a chord leaving me with an intense need to see Kendra happy.

Kendra’s self-analyzing and inherent shyness is a characteristic many women share. Add that to her initial inability to let go and let others see her being herself and you have a breeding ground for misconceptions regarding Kendra’s personality. I too prefer to fade into the woodwork when I’m unsure. I could understand perfectly why Kendra acted and spoke the way she did when first faced with Jorge.

Speaking of Jorge,(or should I say dreaming?) he is an awesome character. His reactions to Kendra, his attempts at conversation, even his attitude was spot on.
He is an incredibly likable man with his own confident yet cautious personality which charmed me.

When the opportunity presented itself, Jorge again tried to reach out to touch the porcupine and found a quivering passionate Kendra-kitten just waiting to be petted and played with. And oh, how they played. It was sensual, touching and I felt it was like watching a sunflower turn towards the warmth of the sun. It was great fun for the characters and me, the reader.

You know what I liked about how it ended? I get the feeling that the best is yet to come. And I believe I got my wish — Kendra is going to be VERY happy.

If you enjoy stories with characters you can connect with and a romance you can sigh over, then Blackout is a good bet.

Rating: Photobucket

Reviewed by Xeranth

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