Review: Adventures In Space 2: Command Me

Adventures In Space 2: Command Me
by L. A. Day

The war is over and Commander Michel Giat faces his toughest task yet. He is asked to babysit the general’s daughter. Expecting a child, he’s pleasantly surprised to find out Jade is a sexy woman. However, her sex appeal creates other problems.

Just because he’s lonely doesn’t mean he’s ready to settle down. Sensing a trap, Michel assumes the general is matchmaking until he’s told only a land man will do for Jade.

General Valant may be Jade’s father and his superior officer but that wouldn’t stop him from marrying Jade if he chooses to.

When Jade disappears on Vre’ Lio everything becomes clear. Michel wants Jade as his own. Finding her in a bar with two sex droids sets him on a course for revenge. Sexual manipulation is the game and he plans to teach her to follow his every command.

In her second installation of the Adventures In Space series, L.A. Day has another hit. She has created another world of intrigue, adventure and heat. LOTS of heat!

I was first introduced to Michele in Owned, the previous installment of Adventures In Space, when he comes to retrieve his sister and her husband. His story picks up where the previous left off. Commander Michel Giat is a formidable man: a leader, a soldier, a patriot, and a very sensual man. When he’s informed by the General that the man’s daughter will be needing a… babysitter he’s not a happy man. It isn’t said in those exact words, but the General never once corrects Michel’s assumption that the daughter is a child. Imagine his surprise when a full-grown, incredibly attractive woman shows up on his ship. The first meeting between the two is quite entertaining as misconceptions about Jade’s identity occur. Michel’s chagrin is quite charming, but he quickly recovers and the story takes off.

Jade is all woman and proud of it, even if previous lovers have caused her to question just how sexy she truly is. The attention she gets from the fascinating Commander Giat is exhilarating and she can’t help but fall for him. While he may not be a classically handsome man, she finds him incredibly compelling. Her spunk and sassy personality make for interesting and even funny interactions with Michel, and caused quite a bit of heat. You have to love it when a woman can so completely wrap a man around her finger that he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. When he decides to turn the tables on her, she takes it with flair and gives as good as she gets.

I had great fun reading this book and again find myself singing Ms. Day’s praises. With her charming cast of characters that add a bit more spice to an already tasty stew, she has another winner. I found that I wanted to know more about Ro, and laughed at John and Aurelia’s newlywed antics. I always love it when I get to catch up with old friends from previous books. I definitely recommend this series and especially this installment to any looking for a bit of adventure and a lot of heat.


Review by Viscaria

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