Real Men Last All Night by Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Cheyenne McCray & Heidi Betts

Real Men Last All Night by Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Cheyenne McCray, Heidi Betts
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (360 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Tiger Lily

Today’s top erotic romance writers come together for a steamy read of four sexy stories about women who discover that real men last all night…

Luring Lucy by Lori Foster

All Lucy was looking for when she went to her vacation home was in innocent fling to quell the yearning she had felt since her husband died four years ago. She never expected her longtime friend Bram to lure her into a love affair so hot.

Cooper’s Fall by Lora Leigh

Former ranger turned bar owner Ethan Cooper never expected to get an eyeful of prim Miss Sarah Fox from his attic window one hot summer afternoon. But now his blood is on fire for the delicious little minx.

The Edge of Sin by Cheyenne McCray

Zane Steele lives a life of extraordinary danger as a government agent and has never let anyone get too close. Then he sees the one woman who changes his life forever.

Wanted: A Real Man by Heidi Betts

Claire left her high school sweetheart Linc, in search of a better life. Ten years later she needs his help as a U.S. Marshal to find her missing daughter…Linc’s daughter. Reeling with the knowledge of a daughter he’s never known, Linc sets out to claim what’s his.

What do you have when you have that one man (or in this case, those four men) you can’t get out of your mind? You seek him (or them) out over and over again. To find out what? That Real Men Last All Night.

Talk about steamy! Whoa… yeah, this collection requires a cold shower. When you want a fun set of stories packed with passion, tension, and great characters, then you want to read Real Men Last All Night.

We start with Cooper’s Fall, by Lora Leigh. Now I must admit, I love Leigh’s work and know when I open one of her books, I will come away fanning myself and totally happy. This story doesn’t disappoint. Ethan finds Sarah delectable, but he’s not sure how to get to know her. I liked the dichotomy of Sarah, she’s a minx, but she’s also still prim. Who doesn’t have multiple sides to their personality? And the love scenes? Very nice! Unforgettable.

In Luring Lucy by Lori Foster, we meet Bram and Lucy. She married his best friend, but when the friend passes away and Lucy’s ready to try again, Bram isn’t going to let the chance slip away again. Although this story is a reissue, I thought it was a great addition to the collection. I liked reading about two more mature characters. Foster writes them with a freshness that shows that love comes no matter what the age. I loved this story.

Can a woman be sexy as she licks an ice cream cone? If it’s Willow and the man is Zane in Cheyenne McCray’s The Edge of Sin, then the answer is yes. I liked how Zane, a by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy is stopped in his tracks by Willow. What woman doesn’t want to have that one man who sees her and has to have her? I loved the non-stop action in and out of the bedroom in this story. You won’t want to miss this great author.

In Wanted: A Real Man, by Heidi Betts, we meet Claire and Linc. Claire and Linc had a thing once before. The result of that fling was a child. When Claire walks away to make Linc’s life easier, she only complicates everything. But it kicks the conflict up a bunch. But what happens when a man decides he’s not ready to lose the one(s) that got away? He decides to be Claire’s real man. How sexy! This is yet another story you won’t forget.

If you want a set of steamy stories or even an introduction to four authors you might not know, then you need to read Real Men Last All Night. I give this collection 4 ½ cherries.

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