Paladin’s Pride 5: Binding Llaryn

Paladin’s Pride 5: Binding Llaryn by Angelina Evans
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Futuristic
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Viscaria

A healer’s heart:
Not even for Paladin can Llaryn walk away from someone in need. The price of healing is high but the payoff is great and with Paladin as her mate she can do anything.

A protector’s plan:
Paladin won’t let anyone harm Llaryn, not even herself. He’ll use whatever means he has to keep her safe… from sex to relocation and seclusion.

Nowhere is safe:
An attempt to abduct Llaryn goes awry and Paladin’s life is forfeit. Only Llaryn can save him; only he can save her and in saving each other the legend of their love is born.

Oh, wow, this was an amazing book and I have nothing but good things to say about it. For a short story that comes at the end of a series, it packed a lot of punch.

Llaryn is a healer. She has never known anything else, but now she finds that her life no longer only revolves around healing, but around a man: Paladin. She has found herself mated to man that isn’t an easy man to love much less be mated to. Llaryn seemed to very delicate and yet, I got a very strong sense of her strength. Paladin was able to “rule” her because she allowed it… just don’t tell him that. She was great fun to watch as she tried to sort out her place in Paladin’s world. Her love for her man simply jumped from the pages and I had no choice but to respect her and root for her from the start of this story to the very last line.

Paladin is a leader. He has never known anything else, but now he finds that his life is revolving around a tiny little healer that seems to hold said heart in the palm of her hand. Paladin seemed to have all the attributes that I just love in a hero. He was strong, and dominant, assured of his strength and power, except where Llaryn was concerned. Paladin was a truly sigh-worthy hero who tugged at my heart as well as my libido.

Angelina Evans is a truly refreshing voice in the Sci-fi Erotic Romance genre. Binding Llaryn was spell-binding, which took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to be so completely enthralled with such a short story. As has often happened in the past, I came into this series with the very last book. But, unlike the past, I didn’t feel at all lost. That in and of itself is a true statement of this author’s talent; her world-building was so very solid that not once did I feel like I was missing something. Even being dropped into the middle of a well-established world and plot, I found that both were so well-written that the only reason to truly read the previous books is to get the beginning and middle of this story… and because I’m nosey. I have to see how these two met, and what brought forth this amazing and truly touching love. A great read that I highly recommend. I look forward to reading the beginning of Paladin and Llaryn’s love.

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