Knights of Desire by Melodee Aaron

Knights of Desire by Melodee Aaron
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: Short (125 pgs)
Other: Ménage, M/M/F, M/M
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Eglantine

Shane Rawls has been a marine for sixty years. She’s seen a lot in that time, but she’s never seen real knights and dragons, though, especially the delicious Sir Landis and Sir Clemmons. As she finds herself attracted to the two men, Shane falls into the clutches of the evil king of the dragons.

Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis have a war to fight. The lizards are killing people, including Landis’ wife, and now they have kidnapped the beautiful woman from the stars who has enchanted them both.

Shane, Landis, and Clemmons must deal with their attraction all while trying to stay alive and end a war that has cost the lives of countless men and dragons. Can the three survive the evils of this medieval world? Can they overcome the limits of their feelings and find love in the aftermath?

Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis spend their days fighting dragons in a war that has dragged on for generations. Clemmons was a real ladies’ man, but when Landis lost his wife in a dragon raid seven years ago, he left his womanising ways behind to comfort his friend. And soon, the two became lovers.

Shane is a soldier stationed on the spacecraft Daedalus. She is highly trained to deal with conflict, but her mission is a peaceful one. On behalf of a highly developed humanity of the far, far future, she is part of a team which explores new worlds, often in much more primitve stages of development than her own, with a view to helping civilisations through a critical phase in evolution which was proven to often bring about the destruction of life on new planets.

The two warriors are both instantly attracted to the shapely blonde, and each is appalled by their private feelings. Clemmons and Landis still love each other, so much that each is prepared to stand back to give the other a chance with Shane. But she comes from a different culture altogether, where many more options than just man-woman, man-man or woman-woman are common. She’s about to suggest a sulotion to their problem when the deranged dragon king has her kidnapped. Now the two knights race against the clock to rescue Shane. Success in their mission might demand a terrible price.

Knights of Desire is a case in point of a conviction I hold ever more strongly: you cannot judge the quality of an ebook by the quality of other ebooks from the same publisher. Having read another of Siren’s books which I found to be a terrible let-down, my expectations for KoD were low. To my delighted surprise, this tale really entertained. Not only is the plot strong and edge-of-the-seat stuff, Ms Aaron’s writing abilities certainly make her an author worth watching. I found it hard to picture the relationship between Clemmons and Landis, at first. In my experience, both personally and with the fiction I’ve read, gay guys are usually not Alpha fighty man-types. As I got to know the characters, though, the relationship rang more true. The developing feelings between the two of them for Shane is portrayed realistically, with their doubts, anxieties and love for each other touching the reader. The action is great as well, and certainly had me clicking through the pages as fast as I could read.

So why not four books? In the first place, because the editors did not do their jobs. How can any self-respecting publisher allow mistakes such as your instead of you’re (and vice versa), effect instead of affect? Though, these examples are not from KoD, they are general mistakes I’ve made notes of over the last few ebooks I’ve read. Unfortunately I can’t put KoD on the “faultless editing” pile. In this case mistakes are few and far between, but they are there nevertheless and distracting to this reader.

In the second place, there were instances in which scenes just didn’t ring true. These were minor asides, nothing essential to the story, and easily ignored as the reader enjoyed the story enough to be willing to forgive small mistakes. The fact remains these small flaws are there, and were part of the little breeze that pushed the arrow from its path to the bullseye.

Still, despite these problems I have to say: All in all, Ms Aaron, well done. You did a very good job with this story.


  1. I know what you mean about using your/you’re. I read one book that had so many grammatical errors that I found the story far from satisfying. The errors were quite distracting and I couldn’t enjoy the story. An error here and there, I can tolerate. Errors throughout the story, well that’s another thing….

    I do look forward in reading Knights of Desire, though. I’m trying to branch out from my normal genre and sci-fi fits the bill.

    Tracey D
    booklover AT gmail DOT com

  2. I have not read much of the science fiction erotica, but am willing to try different genres.

  3. I love sci-fi erotica…and this looks like a really interesting read…I’ve read Melodee’s work before but nothing along these lines…so it’ll definitely be a new experience.

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

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