Improper Nights

Improper Nights by Leslie Dicken
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Snowdrop

When Lenora Blakely learns she must marry a man more than twice her age to pay off her father’s debts, she doesn’t expect his nephew to make her weak at the knees with a brief stroke of his tongue to her palm. Soon, Lord Blackford’s flirtations provide her with a means to experience the pleasure of a lover’s touch before she marries. But what begins as a tempting challenge quickly leads to a series of improper nights filled with overwhelming passion. As the time for her wedding draws near, will Lenora be able to follow through on her promised duty?

Reading about how Lenora dislikes having to marry such an older man, but is willing to fulfill her duties is truly heart-wrenching. Though she admires him, and does not find him repulsive, she wishes to marry someone near her own age and to start a real family, someone she chooses, someone she loves and desires with all her heart. Who could blame her for wanting to fill herself with wonderful memories of a week of pleasure with someone who stirs her blood like no one has?

The first few tension-packed scenes with Lenora and Black make you root for them. As they begin by teasing each other, by petting and touching, trying to deny their passions and feelings because they are inappropriate, all you want to do is tell them to just go for it. Finally, unable to deny themselves, they begin their real affair and indulge in their every whim and fantasy.

The passion that occurs between Lenora and Blackford is well-written, hot and is guaranteed to quicken your pulse. As I followed along with Lenora and Black’s nightly trysts, I couldn’t help but feel pain for their desperation. The author has done a wonderful job of allowing the reader to understand and sympathize with the characters needs: from filling each other with lust to falling deeply in love.

I highly recommend this story to anyone with a romantic heart and a love of the erotic.

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