Her Sister’s Wedding by Jane Ainslie

Her Sister’s Wedding by Jane Ainslie
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (153 pgs)
Heat: Sensual
Rated: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

She’s hungrily pursuing a dream…

Food journalist Mandy Evans is headed for Paris to fulfill her life-long dream of studying art, but not before she has to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

He’s nursing a burning ambition…
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After setting up his latest restaurant, renowned American chef Jake Pearson has a big project booked in Miami, but not before he’s best man at his friend’s wedding.

Is there a wrong time to meet the right person?

Partnered at the wedding, Jake falls for Mandy’s sassy, natural style, and she can’t get enough of his passion for food—and for her. But when it’s a case of finding love at the wrong time, can they find room on their plates for each other?

Ms. Ainslie’s Her Sister’s Wedding is a zippy contemporary romance with a great lead character, Mandy Evans. Mandy does not impress as an exceptionally nice person, yet… her circumstances are intriguing. We quickly discover that she considers herself a journalist though she seems more of a restaurant critic. She dresses well but is underprepared–not impressive.

Still, she has friends. She can rely on her pal Dario, who teases but will help her out. Conversations are quick, witty and believable; typical party fair. Mandy seems a bit like a fish out of water, yet it’s fun to follow her around this restaurant’s big opening party. She becomes a bit more human, especially after we learn she’s agreed to be a last-minute bridesmaid for her sister, and suddenly the whole dynamic changes.

Mandy, we soon discover, is more than the glamor gal we see on the outside, and chef Jake Pearson gains a little inkling of the same thing. Their meeting includes a funny little twist (no spoilers here…but it IS a case of serendipity) but this matters little: by this point, we readers are truly hooked. Mandy may be able to carry off the black dress and stilettos, but she’s also got good intentions, and dreams for the future–dreams that include Paris. A certain coincidence might help out the ‘love story’ but at the same time…those very dreams threaten the whole thing.

Her Sister’s Wedding is a great story, a look at a certain sophisticated lifestyle, and the discovery of some very ‘real’ and engaging main characters. The story line is quick and unpredictable and in many ways just plain fun. The use of incredibly long run-on sentences may be a stylistic choice but are occasionally mind-boggling enough to test your attention span- my one complaint. 4 stars, for a good overall read.

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