Doppleganger by Veronica Blaque

Doppelganger by Veronica Blaque
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (23 pages)
Other: M/F; BDSM; M/F/M
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Andrea Drake and her husband Stan have everything any couple would want: a nice home, thriving careers, and material comfort. However, what they truly desire, peace in their marriage and home, eludes them. Can help from otherworldly figures put them back on the path to marital bliss?

The marriage is falling apart. He wants his career and she wants a child. How can they mend the tears and find the love they once shared? Maybe a Doppelganger is just the solution.

Ms. Blaque writes a story that is near and dear to the hearts of the readers. The desire for a child intruding on life and ruinng what was strong love. The husband and the wife have separate goals and it takes a doppelganger (or dead visual ringer) of her husband to make her remember how attracted to him she used to be. My favorite part was when Stan, her husband, asked her to work in the yard with him. It showed that he still wanted to spend time with her and that he valued their mutual interests. I also though it was sexy that he responded to her revealing outfit and made her feel attractive.

There was another human level to the story that was equally touching. They wanted to have a child. She could conceive, but hadn’t yet. He refused to see the doctor to make sure the problem wasn’t his. This the reader can identify with as well – the concept of fear. What if I am the reason this won’t work out? We either know of someone who feels that way or we feel that way ourselves. Ms. Blaque’s interpretation makes for a very powerful story.

If you want to read about people who could be your friends, neighbors, or yourself, then grab a copy of “Doppelganger”. I give this short story 4 ½ cherries.

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