Book of the Month Poll Winner ~ Forever in a Moment by Charlotte O’Shay

Forever in a Moment by Charlotte O’Shay
Deerbourne Inn Book 8
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

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Samantha DeMartino’s Christmas wedding is two weeks away when her fiancé calls the whole thing off. Word on the street: his cold feet are being heated by an old flame. With her well-ordered world in complete disarray, Sam’s friends convince her to go on her honeymoon—alone. A week at a charming Vermont inn away from the city and her demanding corporate career could be just what she needs to figure out her next steps.

Between his twenty-four seven work schedule on his family’s dairy farm and teaching tourists to ski, Jed Armstrong’s too busy to think about how lonely he is…until Sam sings her way into his life during a Christmas blizzard. Now he has to figure out a way to convince her to stay.

Can a vivacious city girl find forever with a reclusive farmer?
Will her secret keep her from trying?



  1. Elizabeth Curran says

    Best fantasy romance

  2. Couldn’t possibly pick one. The genres vary so widely — children’s book, YA, historical, contemporary, erotic, memoir, horror… they could all be best in their genres. I’d pick a genre other than horror, though. I get enough appalling stuff in the news.

  3. paul bertram says

    “SPOPHIE’S CHOICE” is definitely “my choice”………!!!

  4. Mary Morgan’s Magnar is my first and last choice. She is a fantastic author and writer she makes you feel like your right there with the characters in the book experiencing their adventure right along with them.

  5. Danielle Robbins says

    Mary Morgan Magnar !! She is an amazing author and her writing always pulls you in wanting more. You feel as if you’re in the story. 11/10 recommend to anyone ! I don’t even like romance books but hers changed my whole outlook.

  6. Sophie’s Choice, definitely. Yay!

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