Black Planet 2: Dragon’s Blood

Black Planet 2: Dragon’s Blood by Belinda McBride
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Futuristic
Length: Short Story
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Cholla

San Francisco, 2183 CE

San Francisco was never the same after the Great Shake of ‘08. On the ruins of Fisherman’s Wharf, a ramshackle city rose like a mushroom, a strange dichotomy of safety and corruption. In this forbidden city, a monster prowls the corridors and alleys, seeking the nanite-enhanced flesh and blood of underground cage fighters.

Detective Annie Tanaka once survived an encounter with the monster. The attack left her clinging to life and riddled with fear. Now the monster has returned, and is hunting in her territory. She will need every weapon in her arsenal to face this enemy and prevail.

Unfortunately for Annie, her partner hates her and is next on the monster’s menu. And Annie’s mentor is a legendary fight master who hasn’t been seen in decades.

As she closes in on the creature, Annie Tanaka quickly discovers that her real enemy isn’t the monster, but her own fear. And against that fear, Annie must stand alone.

Sent undercover to discover the truth about the monster attacking the city, Annie goes underground to become bait – a cage fighter like the ones the monster has been feeding on. Suddenly enmeshed again with her one-time partner, she will have to use every ounce of her training, her skill, and her strength to overcome the mysterious creature terrorizing the city and the thing that stands between her and Aiden.

Ms. McBride has a way of weaving the ancient into the future. Her combination of ‘improved’ humans and ancient styles of fighting bring a fresh, new outlook to her stories. Stuffed full of action, delicious love scenes and a lot of self-discovery, Black Planet 2: Dragon’s Blood will keep you on the edge of your seat. Do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy for yourself!

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