Bedroom Behavior 101

Bedroom Behavior 101 by Sophia Rae
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Lilac

So what if Gabrielle Dayton is a twenty-six year old virgin? Sleeping with a guy just for the sake of having sex never appealed to her…until sexy carpenter Luke Delaney shows up on her doorstep. Just the way he handles his tools awakens her deepest desires. Gabrielle knows Luke is the perfect man to teach her all the things she’s only read about.

As a carpenter, Luke Delaney has all the women he can handle. All he has to do is take off his shirt and swing a hammer–end of story. When his newest client, Gabrielle Dayton, wants more than just renovations in her bedroom, he’s ready, willing and able to take on a little overtime.

One hot read, Bedroom Behavior 101 features Gabrielle Dayton, a twenty-six year-old virgin who has hired sexy carpenter Luke Delaney to renovate her home. Instantly attracted to Luke, Gabrielle decides that maybe it is time to lose her innocence and explore her sexual nature and Luke just might be the one to teach her. Attracted to his new client, Luke is more than willing to help Gabrielle learn explore her newfound sexual side as long as their hearts don’t get involved…but that is easier said than done.

This was a wonderful story of love and learning to trust. Having been hurt by the loss of his parents, Luke is reluctant to let himself care about anyone because he fears losing them as well. Falling for Gabrielle was not in his plans, but he finds it hard to resist the spunky beauty.

Unsure of herself, Gabrielle is a heroine one can easily relate to. With her insecurities, she feels very real and you can feel her hesitancy and fears as she decides to throw caution to the wind and act on her impulses with Luke.

The chemistry between Gabrielle and Luke was great. You could almost feel it from their very first encounter and knew it was only a matter of time before they acted on it…which definitely happened sooner rather than later in this story. And when they do, the scenes are very hot and passionate.

Misunderstandings and self-doubt eventually combine to keep the two apart, but I enjoyed how the author worked things out. My only complaint is that the ending and resolution felt a bit rushed. Other than that Bedroom Behavior 101 was a wonderful read about two characters discovering more about themselves while also finding love.

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