After the Storm by Jaxx Steele

After the Storm by Jaxx Steele
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (42 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

What will the storm bring forth in Ethan and Marcus and will they be able to weather the storm?

Ethan Conrad was sent to Indiana to run the latest hotel his father had opened. It was a punishment for a scandal he caused. Marcus Devereaux was a victim of Katrina. The storm had destroyed everything he knew. He followed others to start make a life for himself.

Ethan hired Marcus to build an addition to his home and had fallen for Marcus almost immediately. His shy demeanor, sexy body and sultry accent captured Ethan, but he couldn’t get the man to talk to him.

Could Ethan be the one to awaken the heart of a man that has had everything taken from him? Or would the wall Marcus had around his heart be too much for Ethan to tear down?

Hotel entrepreneur Ethan Conrad wants unconditional love in the form of shy, hardworking carpenter, Marcus. What happens when the shy man unleashes his pent up lust? Find out in After the Storm.

Ethan’s forthright approach to life has earned him his fair share of ups and downs. A glimpse of Marcus straight out of the pool charges his desires and sets him on course to meet the love of his life. I loved Mr. Steele’s storytelling. He keeps the reader involved with a fast-paced story and relatable characters. I rooted for Marcus to overcome his shyness and fear of commitment in order to love Ethan. His fears are the same as everyone, we want to be loved, but we also want that love to last forever. When it doesn’t, we feel the same type of heartbreak. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between the two men and sighed with contentedness when the story concluded.

If you like a sensual story with two heroes, then pick up a copy of After the Storm. I give this story 4 ½ cherries. Awesome.

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