Memeing It by Tia Fielding – Guest Blog

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Tia Fielding who is visiting with us to celebrate today’s release of Thirteen, book 3 in her Love By Numbers series.

Memeing It

I recently saw this meme that went something like this:

If you had to explain yourself based on three of your favorite TV shows, which ones would they be?

For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to tell you three of my favorite shows of all time, and why exactly they are my favorites or, maybe explain something about who I am as a person.

The first one is called Lie to Me. It ran for three seasons (2009-2011) but I only found it a few years after it had already ended.

Wikipedia says: In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.

Why does this call to me? Well I’m very interested in what makes people tick. I also enjoy shows about sarcastic smart people which Dr. Lightman definitely is (House MD, anyone?) But I learned so much from this show! Not only has it amazing acting and great storylines, each episode was well thought out and written, and like I said, you learn a lot watching it. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Second show is Queer as Folk (US version, ran 2000-2005) and this is one of the shows I own on DVD (even though I don’t have any way to actually play the discs anymore…)

Wikipedia says: Based on the British series of the same name created by Russell T Davies, Queer as Folk was the first hour-long drama on American television to portray the lives of homosexual men and women.

Why does it call to me? Brian. Kinney. Okay, okay, so maybe Gale Harold’s character is one of my favorite ones ever (for many reasons) but he’s not The Reason for my love of QaF.

This show has great characters that seem realistic. The storylines are interesting, the writing, once again, is incredible, and well, it’s also plain hot. There’s a lot of sex, which at the original time the show aired was pretty scandalous but isn’t actually that racy on today’s standards.

There’s also the original, UK version of QaF which I never got into, and it has a young Charlie Hunnam in it.

I recommend the US version of Queer as Folk to everyone who loves gay romance. You won’t be disappointed.

Third, and newest, of my favorite shows is 9-1-1 (2018-).

Wikipedia says: The series follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders: police officers, paramedics, firefighters and dispatchers.

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Not this show. I won’t spoil any of it for you, because there are things that you need to experience yourself for sure, but just know this: 9-1-1 never really takes the easy way out.
Sure, there’s the usual action and the showy things that go with series like this, but even those are somehow better and definitely more exciting than in some of the more tired-feeling shows.

One notable thing is, that in 2020, we got a spin-off series, 9-1-1: Lone Star that’s set in Austin, TX, and has a very diverse cast of characters. The original series is diverse already, but Lone Star amps that up a notch, writes the reason for such a cast into the story itself, and that makes it awesome. We’re only a handful of episodes in with Lone Star, but it’s already shaping up to be a delightful addition to the 9-1-1 family.

So final conclusion? I like good writing. I like interestingly written characters, follow through, and realism. Even when it’s embellished for entertainment purposes, it’s realism that sells things for me.

What are some of your favorite shows?

After working as a beat cop in big cities, deputy Mark Forrest has finally found a home away from his abusive parents in the tiny town of Acker, Wisconsin. His life is mostly quiet and peaceful, but also a little bit lonely from staying in his self-imposed closet. Raised in a toxic household, Mark grew up hating himself and doesn’t know any other way. After upsetting half of Acker and the LGBTQ community living there, Mark has felt even worse. He’s not that hateful, prejudiced guy, but how would anyone believe him, when he’s hiding who he is?

Nurse Francis Archer loves his job at a maternity clinic. He’s been through a lot, having grown up gay among the AIDS crisis. When he rejects the advances from a colleague and the man accuses him of sexual misconduct, Francis decides to cut his losses and run away to his old friends in Wisconsin. On the way there, he hooks up with an intriguing younger man who ends up being everything Francis thought he was, and so much more.

Meeting Mark again in Acker comes as a shock, but the two men can’t deny the chemistry between them. Mark craves being able to let go, and Francis loves to take him out of his head, but things aren’t quite that simple. Mark’s internalized homophobia and inability to stand up to his family make things rough, and Francis’s job as a live-in nurse for an elderly couple won’t last forever, given his patients’ declining health.

With the friends and found family they have in Acker and some welcome visitors from New Jersey, they might just have the help they need with figuring out what’s truly important.

Trigger Warning: Abusive language, homophobia, vague descriptions of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

About the AuthorTia Fielding is a Finnish author who loves witty people, words, peppermint, sarcasm, autumn, and the tiny beautiful things in life.

Tia identifies as genderqueer but isn’t strict about pronouns. Why? Because luckily, in her native language there aren’t gender-specific pronouns.

These days, preferring to live in the middle of nowhere with her fur babies is as big of a part of her psyche as writing. Tia likes to recharge in nature and tends to watch where she’s going through her cell phone’s camera.

In 2013 Tia’s novel Falling Into Place was recognized by the industry’s Rainbow Awards in the Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award) category.

In 2019, her novel Four (Love by Numbers #2) won a Rainbow Award in the Best Transgender Contemporary category.


My Top 5 Current Favorite Computer Games by Tia Fielding – Guest Blog

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Tia Fielding who is celebrating the recent release of her newest book Four, a Love by Numbers book.

My Top 5 Current Favorite Computer Games

I honestly don’t know if anyone who might read this is into gaming at all, but since I’m closing in on forty, I’m queer, and I love PC games I thought I’d write this list anyway, because a lot of people think a person like me couldn’t possibly be a gamer!

1. Dead by Daylight – This is one of my all time favorite games for whatever reason, so of course it made this list. DbD is a horror-esque game, where you play either one of four survivors or a killer. Then, you’re plopped onto a map, where the survivors repair broken generators to power up the exit gates to escape. The killer, of course, tries to catch them, hook them on these big meat hooks (by the shoulder, it’s a game, it’s not realistic…) and after being hooked 2-3 times, the survivor is claimed by the Entity, the universe’s deity of sorts.

Whether you play a killer or a survivor, you get your pick from variety of characters, and even some horror movie ones have been added to the game. You can now play as Freddie Kruger, Michael Myers, or the Pig from the Saw movies, to start with (there are others too.) Some of the survivors are from those movies as well, but there are both original survivors and killers, too.

In all its simplicity, Dead by Daylight is a lot of fun. The more you play, the better you get, and you end up playing with people with your skill level which opens up a lot more strategic options in how you play.

Of course there’s a lot more to the game, like offerings you burn at the start of a match to change certain things, or the perks—think of them like additional skills your character has—you can choose from, or even the items the survivors can take with them, such as maps, tool boxes, and first aid kits to name a few.

If you can stomach horror games and like co-operative games, this might be worth checking out!

2. Coloring Pixels – Now I got to admit, this next one is a bit of a change of pace. It’s literally what it sounds like; a coloring game where you color pixel graphics. Each image is made up from little squares, pixels, and you choose a color that’s on the block, and then click to fill it. You can zoom in and out as you wish, and pick from different sizes of images with many different subject matters. It’s the polar opposite of DbD, and it’s my favorite chilling out and calming down method. Funny, because I’ve never been able to calm myself by coloring books in real life!

3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Ah, Ancient Greece. In this stunning game, you travel around Greece on your ship, do quests for people, and try to figure out your character’s heritage-related issues. That’s all I’m going to tell you about the main plot.

It’s so, so beautiful and these games are always so historically accurate it’s scary. The one in the series before Odyssey, Origins, was set in Ancient Egypt, and boy, if that’s your thing, I highly recommend it. Origins also has a sightseeing mode, so if you want to go check out the reconstruction of a pyramid or the Library of Alexandria, and you have someone who plays this game in your circle, just ask them if they could show you around!

4. Minecraft – Okay, okay, hear me out here…. I know everyone and their uncle was playing Minecraft like five years ago and you probably haven’t heard much about it unless you have a Minecraft-addicted kid or something. I played it a bit then, too, I’m not going to lie about that.

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5. Youtubers Life – This game was my random pick from the Steam Summer Sale. It’s basically a simulator where you start as a character who wants to be a Youtuber. You make videos (music, cooking, or gaming related ones) and try to advance in your career, get money to upgrade your gear, to move out of your mother’s house, and become a Big Name Youtuber eventually.

When I put it like that, it might sound lame, but it’s actually quite a lot of fun, especially if you’re into the thing your channel is specializing in—for me, obviously gaming.

If you enjoy simulation games and like YouTube, maybe give it a go?

If anyone who read this wants to know more about gaming or wants a friend to play Minecraft or Dead by Daylight with, just holler at me on social media and we’ll figure something out!

When unlikely attraction blossoms between a twentysomething genderqueer tattoo artist and an older, small-town veterinarian, both are forced to face their pasts for a chance at a loving future.

Four years ago Padraig Donovan lost his husband, the only man he’d ever been with. Now his life consists of the work he loves, a big empty house, and the possibility of a lonely future.

Kaos’s experiments with makeup landed him in the hospital at the hands of his disapproving ex. With nowhere else to turn, he flees to Acker, Wisconsin… and runs into a sexy widower and the kindest man he’s ever met.

Padraig and Kaos know there’s something worth exploring between them, and as they raise a puppy and deal with the ups and downs of their respective jobs, they fit into each other’s lives in ways they never expected. Being with Kaos—who is so different than the guys he’s always been attracted to—opens up an exciting new world for Padraig. But can he convince Kaos to trust another man with his body… let alone his heart?

About the Author: Tia Fielding is a Finnish LGBTQ+ romance author. She lives in a small middle-of-nowhere town surrounded by nature and silence, just like she prefers. Tia identifies as genderqueer, but isn’t fussy about pronouns, because her native language doesn’t have gender-specific ones. She’s a lover of caffeine, sarcasm, peppermint, cats and dogs, sleeping and witty people.

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Buy the book at Dreamspinner Press or Amazon.

Tia’s Top Five Songs at the Moment by Tia Fielding – Guest Blog

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Tia Fielding who is visiting with us to celebrate the recent release of Ten, a Love by Numbers story.

Tia’s Top Five Songs at the Moment

Okay, so this might be a bit boring to some, but I listen to music and find songs that remind me of the story I’m writing or a character in the story or just a mood in a scene. That’s why I’m showing you my current Love by Numbers-series related songs!

And fair warning, there’s a lot of music in Ten. There won’t be as much in the other parts, I don’t think, because none of the people are musicians. This list will have “Ten songs” as well as songs I associate with Four (the next part of the series that’s going to be out some time the coming summer) and #3 that I’m currently writing.

So buckle up, my dears, here’s some songs for you to listen to!

1. Northern Wind by City and Colour – This one of the two songs that I associate the most in Makai and Emil. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it ends up wrapping up the book in a lovely, touching scene.

2. Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys – This is the other Emil and Makai song. It relates to the story a lot too. You’ll see….

3. Redbone by Childish Gambino – I literally just wrote a scene in book #3 where this song plays in a bar just as the main characters of that book meet for the first time. Which characters are they? Well, I guess you’ll have to wait and see, eh?

4. FMLYHM by Seether – Just so you know, the song title means “F*ck Me Like You Hate Me” and it’s mentioned in book #2. It becomes evident why in book #3.

5. Higher Ground by Rasmussen – This song is something pretty much all the characters in the series would love. Especially Doc Donovan from Ten. The song was Denmark’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. If you look it up, I recommend the performance video for it. Trust me, you’ll love it. *wink*

So there you have it, my Top Five songs that I relate to the Love by Numbers series. I hope you enjoy Ten, and have a lovely winter and spring, wherever you are!

Can two broken men build one life?
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Ten years.

That’s what Makai lost for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s been exonerated, but the abuse he suffered in prison isn’t so easy to leave behind. He heads to the one place he remembers being happy: Acker, Wisconsin, where he spent summers with his grandpa. Unfortunately, not everyone wants Makai there.

Ten days.

That’s how long Emil, now twenty-one, was held prisoner as a teenager. The mental and physical injuries he suffered at the hands of a drug trafficking ring still haunt him.

Nightmares, anxiety, and PTSD challenge the connection forming between Makai and Emil, though together, they might find a way to move beyond their pain and into a future—and a relationship—that both had thought impossible.
Now they just have to convince Emil’s father, the town sheriff. It won’t be easy with danger closer than they know….

About the Author: Tia Fielding is a Finnish LGBTQ+ romance author. She lives in a small middle-of-nowhere town surrounded by nature and silence, just like she prefers. Tia identifies as genderqueer, but isn’t fussy about pronouns, because her native language doesn’t have gender-specific ones. She’s a lover of caffeine, sarcasm, peppermint, cats and dogs, sleeping and witty people.

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Buy the book at Dreamspinner Press.

My Current Top Five Songs by Tia Fielding – Guest Blog

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Tia Fielding as she is here to celebrate the recent release of her latest book, Like Breathing.

My current Top 5 songs!

I love music, that’s not a secret. I tend to write and add music into playlists (you should see my Spotify…) and many of my stories have “official playlists.” Sometimes the songs make sense, sometimes they don’t. It can be a phrase in the lyrics of a handful of notes, or just the general feeling the song brings me when I listen to it that makes me think of the story I’m writing.

So, without further ado, (and incidentally, this list has nothing to do with my July 10th release, Like Breathing) my current Top 5 songs!

Say Amen (Saturday Night) by Panic! At The Disco
Here’s a song that has pretty much everything. It has a great melody, the lyrics are awesome, the hook is catchy, and Brendon Urie’s voice is phenomenal. I’m a fan of Panic! but this song managed to surprise me. Beware of the music video though, if you’re sensitive to blood and gory type of things!

Fall in Line by Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato
This is a female anthem, no doubt about it. The lyrics are so awesome, as is the singing capability of these two singers! I’m not huge on belting female vocals, but these two make a great exception to the rule!

Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man
I know this is very overplayed, but it’s one of my summer songs and I love it! It makes me shimmy in my chair and that’s always a good sign!

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
Again, very much overplayed, but this has compositional hooks, amazing lyrics, and it’s just such an ear worm despite the unusual structure of the song…. I love it!

Medicine by Harry Styles
While I was never a One Direction fan, I’m certainly a fan of Harry’s solo music. It’s fresh while sounding old school, it’s surprising, and his sound is amazing. Medicine is a song he hasn’t recorded yet, but he’s played on his tour. It’s a fan favorite, it’s a bisexual anthem, and it’s a catchy song!
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A love as easy as breathing.

Life started out rocky for Devin Rice, but it’s turned out pretty well. He has adoptive parents and a brother who love him, and he works as a coder for his dad’s video game company. Romance is scarce, but a chance encounter leads to more than he ever expected.

While dropping off an assignment for his sick brother, Dev meets his mentor. Art history professor Seth Kent is brilliant and gorgeous, just what Dev has been looking for. Except that he’s in a long-term committed relationship.

Seth’s partner, Leaf, is older and sees the world differently due to his unusual upbringing. To him, the clear attraction between Seth and Dev isn’t a problem, it’s an unexpected gift. After all, Leaf is often on the road, going wherever rescue dogs need rehabilitation.

When Leaf meets Dev, all the missing pieces fall into place, and three men from different worlds and at different points in life fill each other’s empty spaces. For them, building a future together is the most natural thing in the world. But their unconventional love causes waves in their careers and family dynamics, and each man has his own doubts and fears to overcome.

About the Author: Tia Fielding is a thirtysomething Scandinavian who is a lover of witty people, words, cats, sarcasm, autumn, and the tiny beautiful things in life. Tia struggles with stubborn muses and depression, but both are things she has learned to live with. Tia identifies as genderqueer, but isn’t strict about pronouns. Why? Because luckily, in her native language there aren’t gender-specific pronouns. Being a reclusive author living with her fur-babies is another fact of life for Tia, among the need to write that seems to be a part of her psyche by now. In 2013 one of Tia’s novels was recognized by the industry’s Rainbow Awards in the Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award) category.

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Buy the ebook and paperback at Dreamspinner.