First Down by Leslie North

First Down by Leslie North
Publisher: Relay publishing
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Love is a full contact sport…

Mark Coleridge is living the dream. He’s making big bucks as a pro football player with his favorite team, the Savannah Sharks. Life seems perfect. But after winning his latest game, he looks up at the Jumbotron and is shocked to see Tessa Black, his high school sweetheart. And standing next to her is a little boy who looks suspiciously familiar…

Suddenly, football has to take a backseat. Mark’s a father… and still in love with the girl who ghosted him five years ago. Sure, he’s angry she hid his son from him. But when he learns why, it just makes him want her even more.

Tessa’s loved Mark for as long as she can remember. But she knew if she told him she was pregnant, his dreams of playing in the NFL would have been over. She couldn’t bring herself to do it back then. Can she let him into her life now?

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Can their love score a touchdown this time?

Mark Coleridge is shocked to learn he has a son. That is the premise of Leslie North’s newest book, First down. I enjoyed diving into this endearing second chance romance. Mark and Tessa, the two main characters are down to earth and genuinely nice people. They deserve a second chance and I was rooting for them all through the story.

Mark and Tessa go through some tough times before they can find happiness together. They need to realize they are resilient enough to withstand the ups and downs of a high profile relationship. As long as they are together they can take whatever life throws their way.

Mark is the Savanna Sharks newest rookie running back. He loves football and is excited to have finally made into the big leagues, but he has never forgotten his high school girlfriend, Tessa. Mark is caring and a good guy and through everything, he never stopped loving Tessa.

Tessa is just starting in her new position as a teacher and she is excited to finally be doing what she loves to do. She has worked so hard to get to this point in her life.

Even though it made her life much harder, Tessa made the ultimate sacrifice, she let Mark go so he wouldn’t be tied down.

Tessa surprises Mark six year after breaking up with him to let him know he has a son. Mark and Tessa face many challenges and have to wrestle with their emotions as they reconnect. Can they work things out and be together again? Mark and Tessa have both worked hard to accomplish their dreams and goals, now they deserve to be happy. This is a heartwarming and delightful story.

Red Zone by Leslie North

Red Zone by Leslie North
Publisher: Relay Publishing
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

James Sullivan, quarterback for the Savannah Sharks, never thought there’d come a day when football wasn’t his priority. But finally finding his feet after his divorce and with a nine-year-old daughter to raise by himself, he has new priorities. And it shows on the field.

Newly hired conditioning coach Daisy Katrakis has pointed out his less-than-stellar play, and that rankles James. He’s known Daisy for years—she’s his best friend’s little sister—and more annoying than her criticism is how attractive she is. When did Daisy get so hot? Though he reminds himself that she’s his coach, it’s hard to ignore their mutual attraction. And harder still to ignore what Daisy is starting to do to his heart.

Being hired by the Sharks is a dream come true for Daisy. The last thing she needs is to complicate things by getting into a relationship with the terminally sexy James Sullivan. Her obsession is football, not a gorgeous quarterback with muscles that have muscles.
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Daisy’s never been a girly-girl, but there’s something about James that brings out her softer side. Something that makes her think there could be more. But a coach dating the quarterback is fraught with complications, and Daisy knows her priority has to be her job. Which leaves her with an impossible decision: live her dream or break her own heart.

When social media twists truths and lies it can hurt people and cause problems.

Daisy, in Leslie North’s newest book Red Zone, tries her best to ignore all the lies written about her on the internet, she knows it is best to dismiss them, but finds it impossible.

James Sullivan is the quarterback for the Savannah Sharks and Daisy Katrakas is the new strength and training coach. James is surprised to see Daisy when she starts her job with the Sharks. Daisy was the little sister of James’ high school best friend and now, she is grown up and hard to resist. James and Daisy just can’t stay away from each other; they love spending time together and have a passionate relationship. Everything is going well, until the internet brings a spotlight on their relationship.

Daisy is one of the few women in the league working as a strengthening coach and because she is a woman, she has to work extra hard to prove herself. Daisy is excited to finally achieve her goal of working with professional football players. She finds it both challenging and fun and she also likes working with James. Unfortunately, some people blame Daisy whenever the team loses.

James and Daisy have great dynamics and chemistry between them and I found it easy to sympathize and relate to them. I enjoyed this refreshing story.