Awakening by Bethany Adams

Awakening by Bethany Adams
The Return of the Elves – Book 6
Publisher: AW Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (367 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

An unexpected duty

For three hundred years, Princess Dria has avoided the drama of the royal court by training as a battle mage. When her father summons her back to court just as she begins to rise up the ranks, she’s furious. Even worse, she must work with her estranged brother Ralan on a mission to Earth. But as soon as Dria arrives at Moranaia’s new outpost, her brother drops the leadership of the entire place into her hands. Now she’s in charge of fortifying a new outpost on a planet she’s never even visited.

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Prince Vek of the Unseelie has spent millennia as his father’s enforcer, working in the shadows to eliminate evil, but after sparing his nephew Fen from the king’s judgement, Vek must tread carefully. One false move, and he will lose the king’s trust—and Fen’s life. But when the king gives Vek a new, more sinister task, Fen becomes the least of his worries. The Moranaians have a new colony on Earth, and King Torek wants the energy source that’s contained within. Vek must retrieve that power—even if he has to kill the Moranaian leader to get it.

A threat unknown

From the moment she catches Vek sneaking into the cavern, Dria knows the truth—the dark and mysterious prince is her soulbonded. But she’s certain he’s up to no good, and although she’s drawn to him, there is no way she can trust him. His reputation, and that of the Unseelie in general, precedes him. Unfortunately, more than desire is awakening. As they dance around their budding attraction, Dria and Vek uncover a deathly illness lurking among the fae—and a sinister plot that will damage both their worlds.

The Fae have opened a new portal to Earth and it must be protected by mages and warriors. Princess Dria is given the task of being in charge of the portal and those protecting it. This brings problems, both personal and work wise, but the discovery of her soulbonded upsets her emotions, especially as she’s an elf and he’s an Unseelie blood elf.

This book and the rest of the series takes the Fae realms to another level. Even royalty in these realms are expected to use their magic for the good of their people. The different realms each have their own agenda, but various individuals unwittingly bring the Fae closer together.

The characters of this book tugged at the emotions in various ways. Like, dislike, pity, annoyance. Depends on the individual. For instance Vex, Dria’s soulbonded, has a reputation for being nasty and he definitely appears that way, but deep down he’s only doing what’s best for his people and his love for Dria also softens him. Add to this the different magic of each person and you have a book where you never know what’s going to happen next.

This is definitely a ‘can’t put it down’ type of book with plot twists at every chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.