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Pandora’s Passion by Amy Hahn

Pandora’s Passion by Amy Hahn
Publisher: Satin Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (46 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Rora is the Pandora of Greek legend who released evil onto the world, but kept hopelessness from escaping. For centuries she protected The Box, but now Prometheus has appeared and issued a warning that Eris, goddess of discord, and Nemesis, god of revenge, have sent the infamous Gorgons after The Box. Seeing him again sets Rora’s emotions into a tailspin and dredges up memories of a painful and passionate past. The Titan and she share centuries of relationship baggage. And she loves him, but he’s never confessed to loving her. The tension is thick between them, the energy electric. In no time they’ve surrendered to their passion, but the arrival of the Gorgons puts them, The Box, and mankind in danger.

How much longer can Pandora bear the burden of The Box?
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The story of Pandora and The Box is a familiar story from Greek mythology, but even if you haven’t read it, the history of Pandora, The Box, and Prometheus is explained very clearly. I was intrigued by the idea of Pandora living an endless life still bound to The Box. What would that kind of responsibility do to a person and the people they care about? I started reading eager to learn the answer.

Pandora, now known as Rora, has lived centuries protecting The Box from those who wish to harm humans, and now she has reached her breaking point. Prometheus is the only man Rora has ever loved, though their relationship has been tumultuous to say the least. Every time they’ve tried to make their relationship work, The Box and their history managed to drive them apart. It is a frustrating, never ending cycle, and it is easy to see why Rora is exhausted and practically ready to give up. Now Prometheus has learned of a new threat to Rora and The Box and once again they are drawn together. Rora has always loved Prometheus, but can she’s not sure he feels the same way. Does he come back for her, or The Box?

I do wish there had been more time for Rora and Prometheus to reconnect. While they have centuries of history, there weren’t many details provided to make it come alive. I truly wanted to feel the weight of Rora and Prometheus’ bond, but from the moment he walks through Rora’s door, everything happens so quickly that their relationship wasn’t as compelling as it could have been. I liked them, but when I finished reading I didn’t feel as if I truly knew them.

Prometheus makes some big decisions regarding his relationship with Rora and the path their future will take. While I have no doubt that these changes will be for the better, I was left wondering why now? This isn’t the first time they’ve found themselves in danger, so why the change or heart? Was it simply the right time, or something else? I just wish I could have had more insight into Promethus’ thought process.

Despite these issues, I had fun reading Pandora’s Passion. It is a quick, fast paced, entertaining short story that can easily be read in one sitting. I recommend this romance to anyone looking for a snapshot in the life of a passionate couple.

The Ice Carousel by Amy Hahn


The Ice Carousel by Amy Hahn
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (103 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Dulcie Thorton returns to Harrison to write a story about the town’s famous Ice Carousel. Not only is it a 100-year tradition at the February Frost Festival, it’s also inspired love among many locals. She’s unaware that she has a history with its mysterious creator though she feels drawn to him when they meet.

Rankin, the carousel’s sculptor, has loved Dulcie for many years. Now she’s finally coming back, just when he, and his magical carousel, will be leaving town forever. Unless he can win her over and ignite her memories, he can’t stay with her.

Dulcie isn’t sure that magic really exists. Yet how could human hands carve such a wondrous carousel? If she doesn’t remember her connection to Rankin and believe in magic, she will lose the only man she has ever truly loved. And time is running out…

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I enjoy reading about magic and fairies. For me, it’s fantasy at its best. This author does a good job of entwining fantasy, real life, grief and love all together in a tale that makes you feel good. I like happy endings. How Ms. Hahn achieves that for her characters is what the makes the story work.

Dulcie works as a journalist and is assigned to write a story about the carousel. She’s not enthused, but part of that is because her brother died and his widow lives in that town. She hasn’t really accepted his loss in her life. Her sister-in-law is remarrying and Dulcie is having a hard time picturing Jack as the new man in the family. By going to write a story on the carousel it will give her a chance to get to know him better. The interview raises more questions about Mr. Carousel than it answers.

Ms. Hahn shows the depth of the family’s sorrow over the death of Dulcie’s brother and then creates a magical journey to happiness. The fairy is in love with Dulcie and needs to make her love him to stay in this world. With a short period of time, that is quite a challenge. Even Jack isn’t what you’d expect. These little surprises keep your attention and make you uncertain just how the story will end.

This is a novella so the author didn’t have a lot of space to work her storyline out. She did a good job and left me smiling at the end. If you enjoy fantasy novels, you’ll enjoy this one. You’ll also enjoy if you like a good romance. Why not give a try and see what you think?

To Light a Fire by Kristian Parker

To Light a Fire by Kristian Parker
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Historical, LGBTQ, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Frank never thought he would find love…until he met his friend’s servant.

It’s 1922 and Frank Harris has finished his exams at Cambridge. He had planned on going home to his parents’ Midlands shop until his friend Charlie Fitzwilliam issues a surprise invitation to stay at his family’s stately home.

Frank has nursed a secret attraction to Charlie since their first meeting and can’t resist a chance to spend time with him, but once there, it’s Tanner, a manservant, with whom he instantly falls in lust.

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To Frank’s astonishment, Tanner is attracted to him too, and their mutual passion kindles, then burns strong. Only, their feelings must remain a secret—discovery would mean the ruin of them both.

But how long can love that blazes this bright be hidden?

In a time when being gay was illegal, Frank has to hide his affection for his University friend. However, when he spends some time with Charlie at his home, it’s the Under Valet who lights a fire in Frank.

This is a gentle start to a series that gives you a couple of steamy moments, but nothing too shocking. My heart broke for Frank when Charlie kept pushing Annie onto him, and I completely agree with Frank that at least he was admitting who he was, rather than hiding behind a woman’s skirts. Frank kept telling me that Charlie was different, but I only saw occasional glimpses of that.

I would have preferred this to be longer – a full-length novel rather than a novella – but still, it gave me the full story. I just would have wished for more information on Tanner and Frank, both their pasts and their future.

A thoroughly enjoyable book that starts off a series I want to continue. Definitely recommended by me!