To Light a Fire by Kristian Parker

To Light a Fire by Kristian Parker
Publisher: Totally Entwined
Genre: Historical, LGBTQ, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Frank never thought he would find love…until he met his friend’s servant.

It’s 1922 and Frank Harris has finished his exams at Cambridge. He had planned on going home to his parents’ Midlands shop until his friend Charlie Fitzwilliam issues a surprise invitation to stay at his family’s stately home.

Frank has nursed a secret attraction to Charlie since their first meeting and can’t resist a chance to spend time with him, but once there, it’s Tanner, a manservant, with whom he instantly falls in lust.

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To Frank’s astonishment, Tanner is attracted to him too, and their mutual passion kindles, then burns strong. Only, their feelings must remain a secret—discovery would mean the ruin of them both.

But how long can love that blazes this bright be hidden?

In a time when being gay was illegal, Frank has to hide his affection for his University friend. However, when he spends some time with Charlie at his home, it’s the Under Valet who lights a fire in Frank.

This is a gentle start to a series that gives you a couple of steamy moments, but nothing too shocking. My heart broke for Frank when Charlie kept pushing Annie onto him, and I completely agree with Frank that at least he was admitting who he was, rather than hiding behind a woman’s skirts. Frank kept telling me that Charlie was different, but I only saw occasional glimpses of that.

I would have preferred this to be longer – a full-length novel rather than a novella – but still, it gave me the full story. I just would have wished for more information on Tanner and Frank, both their pasts and their future.

A thoroughly enjoyable book that starts off a series I want to continue. Definitely recommended by me!

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