Saturday Seven: If You Liked…

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Sometimes I will finish a book or series and still be craving a similar book. Maybe you are the same way. If so, here are some authors you might want to check out– based on books I am currently reading (yes, I read more at one time):

1. THE WHITE PRINCESS by Philippa Gregory. Other authors I might check out are Vanora Bennett and Tracy Chevalier.

2. SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE by Sarah Schmidt. Other authors I might check out are Oscar de Muriel and David Grann.

3. THE GRAVE’S A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE by Alan Bradley. Other authors I might check out are Tiffany Baker and Rachel DeWoskin.

4. THE SILENT CORNER by Dean Koontz. Other authors I might check out are Lincoln Child and Michael Crichton.

5. GLORY IN DEATH by J.D. Robb. Other authors I might check out are Iris Johansen and Marie Force.

6. SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL by Diana Gabaldon. Other authors I might check out are Susanna Clarke and Antonia Hodgson.

7. DRAGONFLIGHT by Anne McCaffrey. Other authors I might check out are Diana Wynne Jones and Christopher Paolini.

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  1. What a fun idea! How many books do you normally read at once?

    This is my Saturday Seven post.

    If that link doesn’t work, here’s a plain link to my site:

    • Long and Short Reviews says

      I have an audiobook in my car, another one I listen to at night as I’m going to sleep, another by my bed I read-read before turning out the light, one in each (ahem), one in the living room, and one for when we’re traveling 🙂

  2. Nice list. Interesting. I’ll have to check out many of these authors 🙂


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