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Top 5 Caribbean Island Destinations

Each year Dominic and I go on a cruise as a winter vacation getaway. We have stopped at many islands and definitely have some favorites.

Bonaire – The snorkeling is out of this world and the people are amazingly friendly.

Curacao – Its like The Netherlands with bright Caribbean colors with terrific swimming and shopping.

St. Kitts – Dominic loves this place and I love to make him happy.

St. Martin – This is before the hurricane. We are going back soon and we’ll see what life is life afterwards.

Aruba – Smiling. It’s a great island and now I can’t get the Beach Boys song out of my head.

With the pressures of the job bearing down on him, police officer Garrett Wreckley needs a vacation—in fact, he isn’t given a choice in the matter. Since the water has always soothed Garrett’s soul, he heads to the Caribbean, hoping some time alone sailing on the open water will help him pull himself together.

But even though he’s taking a break from law enforcement, Garrett can’t get rid of his cop’s instinct so easily.
He meets Nigel, a young man as innocent as he is beautiful, who grew up sheltered from the world, exploring the beaches and tropical forests with only the company of his aunt, his brother, and the wildlife and sea creatures he befriended.

As sweet, passionate love blooms, their time in paradise feels too good to be true… and Garrett’s gut and training tell him that might be the case. As he investigates, he quickly realizes everything is not as it seems. Will his snooping destroy not only their romance, but everything Nigel believes about his life?

Enjoy an Excerpt

After noon, clouds built to the east and the wind picked up. Garrett checked his timing and bearings, set the wheel, and added additional sail to pick up speed. The radar showed some sort of storm heading his way, though it could be possible for him to outrun it.

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With still about an hour to go by his calculations, he spied land off to the west. Rather than questioning it, he headed that way.

The island was small, definitely not Martinique. The chart listed it as Montessa. Not that he’d ever heard of it. Didn’t matter, though. The clouds drew closer and closer to the water as he approached the north side of the island. He found a break in the reef and slipped into a small cove. The water instantly calmed, and he breathed a sigh of relief. After dropping anchor, he lowered the sails and stowed them away, then closed all the windows, as well as the access hatch. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was in for, but when the rain hit, it was torrential. The boat rocked side to side, but not badly, and he stood under shelter, setting out some clean buckets to catch the fresh water.

After the thunder and lightning passed, Garrett stripped down, grabbed a bar of soap, and washed himself off, letting the rain rinse him clean.

Once done, Garrett went inside, dried off, dressed, and made himself dinner, listening to the rain pound the roof of the cabin overhead. The batteries were charged and he’d used very little the night before, so he settled on the bed to read, passing the hours quietly until it was time to sleep.

Sometime in the night, the storm passed, leaving behind quiet, and again Garrett slept soundly. He hadn’t dreamed, at least not that he remembered.

In the morning, other than being wet, the boat was fine. He ate a cold breakfast and then ventured onto the deck. He stood, scanning over the island for any signs of habitation. He saw nothing but thick vegetation and a small lagoon nearer to shore. He thought he might explore it and moved the boat closer inland. With no one around and a sandy beach, he figured it was safe for a swim ashore to have a look around.

Garrett dressed for the water and sun in his suit and a solar shirt before venturing back out. He’d planned to jump off the side of the boat for the swim to shore, but when movement near the beach caught his eye, he paused on deck.
A man stepped out of the trees, blond and tall, sun-kissed, wearing a pair of shorts and a gray T-shirt that he pulled over his head as he got closer to the water. Garrett watched the gorgeous creature move with unusual grace before stopping, and knew the minute the man spotted the boat—he stopped to look and then waved. Garrett waved back, still just watching and wishing he had his binoculars. The man waded into the water as though looking for something, then dove, swimming strongly when he came up before diving again, surfacing with a large conch shell. He paddled to shore, looked it over, then dove back into the water and came up without it.

This time when he broke the surface, the man waved again and motioned him over. Garrett contemplated only a minute before diving into the water, heading straight to shore. After all, some god of the water didn’t beckon him every day of the week. Even as he swam, Garrett wondered if he’d imagined the whole thing. It wasn’t until he stepped out of the water and the man approached that he was sure he was real.

About the Author: Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing) He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Do you and Dominic tend to take the same cruise every year, or do you tried different ones? Visiting the Carribbean in the winter is a fantastic idea.

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