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Long and Short Reviews welcomes K.D. Worth who is celebrating the release of The Lost Souls the third book in the Grim Life series.

K.D. Worth’s Top 5 Favorite things to do besides writing

  1. One of my favorite pastimes is gardening. Not flowers so much, but vegetables and herbs. I even grow swiss chard and bell peppers in my front flower beds.
  2. I love music. Like LOVE music. From live concerts to my extensive vinyl collection, I listen to everything from pop to rock to country.
  3. I enjoy cooking. When one grows as much food as I do, they really have to broaden your recipe repertoire, an I’m always scouring the internet for new recipes
  4. I love practicing yoga. It’s not only physically challenging and helps with general pain, it really has a way of clearing the stress from my mind
  5. I enjoy construction projects and am rather handy with power tools. From drills to miter saws, I’ve become quite proficient as my hubby’s apprentice as we’ve remodeled houses and repaired our own



The Grim Life: Book Three

Teenage grim reapers Max and Kody are already dealing with being dead… and now they’re expected to save the world.

With the help of their guardian angel, Slade, and each other, Max and Kody have finally discovered the destiny God planned for them—help the lost souls languishing in purgatory back to heaven. But they’re still growing into their roles. Kody, the Healer, struggles to understand the power born of his empathy, and Max’s abilities as Protector suffer because of longing for his best friend… along with Slade’s dire prediction that Max will lose Kody. So many are depending on them, and they’ll have to summon all the love and faith inside them to face a mass school shooting and bring love and hope to those who need it most.


Buy the book at Amazon, Harmony Ink, Barnes and Noble, Google, or Kobo.


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About the Author:K.D. Worth has always considered herself to have the heart of a teenager with an old soul. When not talking to the characters living in her head, she loves to hang out at her favorite townie bar, then go dancing and partying with her husband and friends. There is always music playing in her home, and if it’s too loud, you’re too old! On the flip side, K.D. enjoys spending time in her vegetable garden, canning the food she grows, and making homemade jams and jellies. She also is known to crochet washcloths and blankets for her closest friends and smiles when they tease her for her “grandmotherly” ways. These two different sides to her personality create a layered tapestry of life experience that brings depth and believability to the characters she writes. She loves to hear from her fans almost as much as she loves her cocker spaniels.


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