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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Shirley Anne Edwards who is visiting with us to celebrate today’s release of Let Me Live, the second book in her Finding the Strength series.

Favorite vacation destination: I’ve been very lucky to travel to many places, but the one place I was in total awe of was Maui. Watching the sun set in Hawaii is so beautiful. You can find such inner peace and balance watching a sun set. If you ever have a chance, you must visit one of the Hawaiian Islands once in your life.

Favorite recipe I’m a big fan of anything to do with salad. One easy salad recipe that’s perfect for any meal is a spinach and strawberry balsamic salad. This salad only has five ingredients:

1 bag of spinach lettuce
1 pint of strawberries (blueberries can work also)
1 small bag of nuts- almonds works best but even better is honeyed almonds for that extra pizzazz of taste
1 block of feta or blue cheese. Mozzarella also works but doesn’t have that zing of flavor feta or blue cheese has.
1 cup of Balsamic vinaigrette

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl, but add the balsamic vinaigrette last or have it on the side for those who prefer to add their own dressing and serve.

Favorite book of my genre: Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden is one of my all time favorite books in any genre. It’s a near perfect Young Adult and Romance. Annie on My Mind was published in 1982 and still resonates over thirty-five years later. It is a must read, and will leave you crying happy tears.

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Was Published: Trying to get the word out about a book can be hard. Because there are so many books published every day, it can be hard to get your book noticed. One of the best things a soon to be published author can do is establish connections and learn the best ways to promote a book. Advertising and promotion are very important and can help with book sales.

Strangest experience: I can read palms, and a few times when I’ve read palms, especially with people I don’t know well, I find out things about a person that can be shocking. An example of this was when I read the palm for a woman and I asked if at one time she was romantically involved with two brothers at one point. She proceeds to tell me while she was on a cruise she met two brothers, and let’s just say she enjoyed their company at the same time.

The one person he trusted destroyed everything. Trusting again won’t be easy.
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Eighteen-year-old Marshall’s bright future shattered the day his once friend and lover opened fire on their campus, killing twelve and leaving Marshall with a shoulder wound and devastating guilt over the part he played in the massacre. The press may have dubbed him a hero, but Marshall has nowhere to turn, no one to help him through the anxiety and depression closing in on him.

Until he meets tattoo artist Benny Hayes.

Benny can’t solve all Marshall’s problems, but he can assure him that he’s not defined by his trauma. Marshall wants what Benny’s offering. He wants to live, to love again. But the secret he shares with the shooter casts a long shadow, and Marshall’s fear of it coming to light makes it hard to move forward.

Enjoy an Excerpt

I had studied the front of Benny’s shop many times, but now for some reason instead of seeing just two large windows and the too-bright red neon sign, it gave off a welcoming vibe. It wanted me to come inside. Maybe the change was because its owner had invited me in?

I scanned the area, expecting someone I knew to appear, much like Theo had. But other than a few people on the opposite side of the street, it was empty. No one would stop me or convince me not to go inside. I was on my own.

I opened the door and entered, an electronic ding announcing my arrival. The front room was bigger than I expected, very airy and open with pictures of tattoos on the wall and a few chairs and couches near them. There was a rectangular aquarium near the front desk.

Music and some type of buzzing came from behind a burgundy curtain, which I assumed was where people were given their tattoos. I walked to the front desk, ready to call out a hello, when I noticed a pudgy black cat sitting in the middle of the counter.

About the Author: Shirley Anne Edwards is a Northeast girl who discovered her love for books when she read Nancy Drew’s The Secret of the Old Clock Tower at thirteen. Shirley found her love for writing at a very young age and, since then, has let her imagination run wild by creating quirky characters and vast worlds in her head. Shirley is also a brownie addict who loves to bake when she’s not busy writing. Shirley lives in New Jersey and works in the entertainment industry in New York City.

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