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Summer Memories

It’s hard to put my finger on one special memory, but a number of memories from summers spent at the lake surfaced in my mind. Several families joined us over the years. Some related, some friends. I was always the youngest child, much to my brother and cousin’s dismay.

I learned to swim at the lake even though I took lessons at the high school pool. Dad would always take us around to the back of the lagoon where there was a large tree with massive exposed roots clutching on to gleaming white quartz. I have a piece of it in my rock garden fifty some odd years later.

The meals and evening campfires were the best because everyone ate together. The grownups pooled their resources and came up with the best meals. My mother always fried yeast bread at least once during the two weeks we stayed. Sprinkled with powdered sugar it was a wonderful treat resulting in my sticky fingers mingled with the dirt of camping.

After dinner, the adults would sit at long wooden benches, the night lit by Coleman lanterns. Depending on who might be there, as many as four couples. They all played cards, while my brother told me stories. He liked to scare me and convinced me moths were only the babies of a monster winged creature that lived over the mountains. He called them hoo-dangs and had me scared for years.

We camped in the same spot after I married and had children, but a certain magic was gone. I was now the magic maker teaching my girls to roast marshmallows in the evening after a day at the creek with their dad. Their sticky little fingers reminded me of mine and I hope left a memory.

TheTemperingAgent_Cover_medDr. Priscilla Hackling finds herself thrown back into the murder investigation of her fiancé, Trey Whittington. While she was a suspect three years ago, she’s now working with the police to find the murderer, Egyptian artifact trafficker, Zarka El-Din.

During a sting operation in Siwa, she and Agent Donnie Barnes are drawn to each other but Priscilla, overcome by personal ghosts from her past, decides a relationship isn’t possible.

Priscilla realizes she’s the bait in the ruse and uncovers others involved with El-Din. Will she and Donnie reconcile and unravel the reason behind Trey’s death before El-Din kills her, too?

About the Author:Victoria Pitts Caine is a native Californian and lives in the central portion of the state. Her varied interests include genealogy and exotic gemstone collecting both of which she’s incorporated into her novels.

The author has received recognition in both fiction and nonfiction from: Enduring Romance top 10 picks for 2008, William Saroyan Writing Conference, Byline Magazine, Writer’s Journal Magazine and The Southern California Genealogical Society. Her first novel published in 2007.

Victoria is a former staff technician in air pollution control. She is the mother of two daughters. Victoria and her husband enjoy travel, cooking, and are self-appointed “foodies”.

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  3. Such wonderful memories you have. The yeast bread sounds really good. It sounds like it would be perfect for camping.

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