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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Jordan Gillespie who is celebrating the recent release of Accuracy.

Young officer-in-training Lailani Harris is just trying to survive in a violent world, and survival means following orders… until her conscience will no longer allow it.

After the old government collapsed, the American Republic formed. Prisoners are used as live target practice for trainees such as Lai, and her world is shattered when her cousin ends up at her firing station. Rather than kill her, Lai and her best friend break her cousin out, and all three go on the run as fugitives. Hunted by the government she once served, Lai will learn just how corrupt the country has become. She might have a part to play in changing it, if she can find the courage to grow into the leader she’s meant to be.

Enjoy an Excerpt

“Take me hostage,” Jaime whispered.

Lai frowned and kept her eyes on the officers in the room. They all had their guns pulled but were unsure if they were to advance.

“Take me hostage, now!” he whispered with more urgency.

In a rush Lai understood his intent. She spun and flung an arm around her friend’s neck. She shoved her gun into the side of his head and faced the room. She allowed her fury to show on her face.

“I am taking my cousin and I am leaving!” she shouted. “If we are not allowed to leave, I am going to shoot Jaime in the head.”

“Please, don’t hurt me,” Jaime pleaded.

Lai could have kissed him for his cleverness. “Shut up.” She pushed the gun harder into his head and hoped he would forgive her for the bruise he would have the next day.

“You don’t have any bullets left,” Kieran called from the other side of the room. The other students nodded their agreement. This caused the four officers standing guard to all come forward. Lai took her gun from Jaime’s head for the moment and aimed it at the ceiling. She fired once and quickly returned it to her friend’s head. Everyone flinched at the shot.

“I have plenty of bullets left, and I will use them all to get out of here,” Lai warned. She fixed her glare on the sergeant, who sat on the ground in a small pool of her own blood. She pressed her hands firmly against the wound as she met Lai’s death stare.

“Tell an officer to unchain her,” Lai ordered.

The sergeant did nothing.
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“Do it now or I’ll shoot both of you!” Lai screamed.

After a long moment, the sergeant nodded to an officer. “Give her what she wants.”

The officer in question frowned in confusion. “Sergeant Washington, are you sure—”

She cut him off. “That’s an order, officer.”

The officer nodded once and found the keys on his belt. He stopped next to Mel and undid her ankle shackles, followed by her handcuffs. She pulled the gag out of her mouth and walked quickly over to Lai. She was shaking wildly, and she was still crying.

“The three of us are going to walk out that door,” Lai said quietly. She nodded to the door in the corner of the room that led outside. “If anyone tries to stop us, I will shoot the sergeant again, and this time I will shoot to kill.”

No one moved. The four officers had their guns lowered. The sergeant met Lai’s eyes with a cold glare of her own.
“You don’t want to do this, Lailani,” she said coolly.

“It’s too late for that now,” Lai hissed through clenched teeth. Without saying anything further, she began carefully walking herself and Jaime toward the door. Mel followed them with a hand on Lai’s shoulder. A distant part of Lai’s mind told her to stop this, to lower the gun and apologize and accept her punishment. The adrenaline pushed those thoughts aside and left her with only her objective.

She had to keep her cousin alive.

About the Author: Jordan Gillespie is a young author living in British Columbia, Canada. She is enrolled at the University of Victoria with the hopes of eventually becoming a librarian. She has been writing since she was too young to hold a pencil and had to dictate stories to her mother. When she isn’t writing, Jordan enjoys rock climbing, baking, playing with her pets, spending time with her girlfriend, and losing to her girlfriend’s little brother at Mario Kart. She is a lover of tea, coffee, and any local café where she can buy a good vegan muffin.
Including LGBT characters in her writing is hugely important to her. Young people especially deserve to see themselves represented in a diverse range of genres, and Jordan hopes to add to this body of work with her own writing. She has published three short stories with Harmony Ink Press in their Harmonious Hearts collections, and won the pride month short story contest in June 2019 at the locally owned bookstore Bolen Books. Her favorite genres to read are science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction, and her favorite authors are Ursula K. Le Guin, Madeline Miller, and Neal Shusterman. Accuracy is her first published novel.

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