Written in the Stars: The Destiny Stories by TC Blue

Written in the Stars: The Destiny Stories by TC Blue
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (69 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Lilac

Sometimes Fate steps in and brings you exactly what you need. It’s up to you whether to accept the gift.

That’s the situation Andrew finds himself in when he gets lost in Michigan one night and stumbles upon the Dew Drop Inn… and Raj, who seems far too perfect to be real. Not only is Raj gorgeous, but he seems to be into Andrew, too.

Raj knows what he wants. He’s been waiting for his destiny for years. The only question is whether he can convince Andrew that they’re meant to be. That their meeting was written in the stars.

A repressed, heartbroken man walks into a bar, zeroes in on the most delectable behind he’s ever seen, and takes the hot young man home for a bout of sex. And that’s just the start of the story.

This novella is composed of three sections that had previously been published as three separate short stories. In the first, Andrew and Raj meet; in the second, Andrew meets Raj’s parents; and in the third and last, the couple take a holiday. Because of this structure of bringing three stories together without a bridge to connect them, there’s no sense of fluid continuation, unfortunately. Still, as simple erotic tales these achieve their goal in entertaining and titillating.

The first meeting is insta-love inspired by fate. Raj immediately believes Andrew is his one true love, fated to be his, and after a night of lovemaking Andrew agrees. Due to the length of this bar rendezvous and subsequent sex scene, the characters remain one-dimensional, without much depth to them. I wasn’t emotionally invested in the characters due to their lack of depth. If the word destiny hadn’t been thrown around so much, this would have been just another hookup at a bar, no muss, no fuss. The language is sensual and hot, so for an erotic quickie this is above average, even though the insta-love makes this unrealistic.

Raj’s parents surprise him during a party Andrew has set up for Raj’s 21 birthday—and they act badly, looking down their noses at Andrew being older. With their first fight, Andrew and Raj’s characters gain a modicum of depth. Nonetheless, this middle story presents new, unappealing side characters, and because of the fight and subsequent separation, there aren’t many happy-bubbly emotions happening here. The party itself had some confusing elements but this part of the story does end on a positive note. In short, this felt like a slice of life piece and a more memorable part of the book.

Raj is independently wealthy but Andrew works hard as a lawyer. Raj wants them to have a vacation, so off they go to Hawaii. Not much going on here plot-wise. Just nudity, sex, sightseeing, and sunbathing. Again, no real deepening of personalities. Frolicking and enjoying oneself are the themes here, and the overall tone is light and fun. The best part of the book for readers who don’t require too much depth.

TC Blue has written a relatively engaging story involving the same characters meeting, falling in love, and establishing themselves as a couple. This story is plot-light, but as a three act erotic quickie this works fine. The writing is efficient and to the point, plus sensual and sexy in the right spots. A nice read and a good way to sample this author.

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