Wounded at Home by Mitzi Pool Bridges

Wounded at Home by Mitzi Pool Bridges
Wounded at Home by Mitzi Pool Bridges
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (293 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Financial analyst Sky Chapman must free her sister of a murder charge. Ex-SEAL Dirk Browning uses his skills as a private investigator and a military dog trainer to search for a way to keep Sky safe while they look for the killer and the missing millions the killer thinks she has.

Neither Sky nor Dirk want the attraction that springs between them. She, because she refuses to fall into the philandering-husband trap both her mother and sister dove into. He, because his mother abandoned him to the Brownings at the age of ten and he never saw her again.

The killer has given Sky a timeline. Find the money and turn it over, or she and her sister die. Will Sky survive long enough to explore the feelings she has for Dirk? Will Dirk be there for her? Or will the thief and killer make the questions moot?

Wounded at Home
, a “whodunit’ love story with a unique family and a guard dog named Sully is attention-keeping. How Mitzi Pool Bridges weaves them into a story with Skylar Chapman’s business associates and her pampered sister is a captivating read.

Skylar, a smart, successful financial advisor, finds herself in the middle of a murder and ten million dollar theft. The FBI thinks she knows where the money is. Her sister is in jail charged with the murder of her husband. On top of all that, the real killer threatens to kill Skylar and her sister if she doesn’t find the money and give it to him in forty-eight hours.. What a mess, and what an engrossing story!

Dirk, an ex-SEAL who has an investigation business and guard dog business, along with his unusual family, rally around Skylar determined to find the killer and the money. The reader gets a vicarious experience of the “stay-up-late” variety.

Wounded at Home is packed full of interesting characters and lots of suspects. Dory, Skylar’s sister is spoiled and self-centered but scared to death in jail. They have never been close, but Skylar can’t turn her back on her nor can she ignore the killer’s threat. While the way she meets Dirk seems a little contrived, it doesn’t matter because it gets the right people together to set things up for action and for love to get in full swing.

Bad memories of the past make Dirk and Skylar both afraid to commit to a relationship. How they struggle with inner conflicts, while working to keep Skylar alive and find ten million dollars flitting from place to place in cyber space kept me turning pages.

This is one in the Wounded SEAL Trilogy but stands by itself beautifully. However, it does make me want to read the other books in the series. Coop, Dirk’s brother, has the love of his life and a baby girl. Now I’m betting Matt, Dirk’s other brother, gets his own story that just might include the irrepressible Carrie. GOOD reading!

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