Working for Him by Willa Edwards

Working for Him by Willa Edwards
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (57 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

To complete the merger of his career, can Richard convince his submissive Serena to be tied up in a whole different kind of knot?

Serena Carter looks forward to the Vertical Aeronautics company meeting every year. Not for the hour-long lectures on corporate policy or earning reports, but to meet with her Master, the billionaire CEO of the company, Richard Barrett. For the course of the week-long conference, they meet to explore their dark desires for submission and domination, only to part ways at the end of each meeting to their own separate lives. Except this year her Master has a surprise that will surpass anything they’ve explored before.
Richard loves his time mastering Serena. She’s the perfect sub, obedient without being cowardly, responsive, and just as interested in a little no-strings fun. But when the biggest deal of his career starts to go downhill due to his playboy ways, he gets the great idea to ask his little subbie to marry him, to give him a more conservative image and close the deal. But she stuns him when she rejects his request and flees, forcing him to reassess his plan.

Can Richard convince Serena that his proposal is more than just a business arrangement? Or will he lose his favourite submissive because of his own stubborn pride?

When a yearly meeting of Dominance and submission takes a new direction, will both partners be up for the journey of a lifetime?

Every year billionaire Richard Barrett looks forward to a week-long liaison with what he describes as ‘the perfect sub’. Between lectures and meeting and pouring over earning figures for his aeronautics company he gets together with Serena Carter to explore their darkest desires, their joint love of BDSM and play mind games and body games together. After their week they part ways and continue their lives.

Except something always has to give in this kind of relationship and when Serena finds herself in a position with not just ropes attached but also a future of strings she’s shocked and confused by her wealthy playboy’s sudden change in attitude and his dreams of marriage.

Working for Him takes employment to whole new levels and the author, Ms Edwards, writes with an easy to read style and certainly knows how to crank up the temperature in the sex scenes. I enjoyed the premise a lot, and liked how much Richard thought of Serena. I also liked how his determination both in and out of the bedroom showed him to be a good man. The characterization of Serena was also well portrayed and I enjoyed being in her head during the down-and-dirty scenes. Richard certainly knows what he’s doing. Phew!

If you like heat, a good plot that you can fall into for a little steamy fantasy time then Working for Him is a good choice. I’ll certainly read more by this author as her writing ticks all the boxes and pushes all the buttons!

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