Winter Bride by Caroline Clemmons

Winter Bride by Caroline Clemmons
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (178 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

When Kendra Murdoch’s brother in law murders her sister, she takes charge of her nephew and two nieces. Fearing the man plans the same fate for her, she seeks shelter in Radford Crossing where she opens a café to support her small family.

Determined to be self-sufficient, Kendra shuns all advances from the handsome sheriff as danger hangs heavily over her head.

Butch Parrish battled a snowstorm and a killer to rescue Kendra and the children. He’ll do whatever is necessary to protect the independent young woman who rekindles sensations he hoped were dead long ago. Protecting her, dealing with the town gossips and investigating a stagecoach robbery, Butch has a battle on his hands.

Winter Bride is an action-packed western that combines beautifully with a heartfelt, and not entirely predictable, romance.

Late nineteenth century Texas: its a tough country, and peopled by some seriously tough characters.

Sheriff Butch Parrish is the tough town sheriff, surrounded by some of the types of characters one might expect. He’s not entirely what we reader’s might expect though. He’s obviously dedicated to his job and also quick to step up and be the person to help. We readers find him admirable from the start.

However, the lovely Kendra isn’t one to be swept away. She has her own responsibilities, and more than a little heartbreak and fear to deal with. She isn’t going to be an easy one to save. Kendra is determined to take care of herself and the children she’s inherited from her sister. Her deadly brother-in-law isn’t about to leave her in piece – but this is more than a family battle – because this is the west.

Texas in the late nineteenth century is an adventurous sort of place in its own right; the sort of place that tests its inhabitants. Storms, terrain and isolation all bring the own challenges. A difficult woman might be more than one man wants to take on.

Butch, the sheriff is more than a decent guy, though. You can’t but fall for the big guy, who’s so much more than a heart-throb; big, determined, yet kind. He’s wonderful, apart from his great desire to help, of course. Kendra’s effort to take care of all, on her own, might have been achievable, apart from her brother-in-law’s evil intentions.

Conversations, setting, interaction of the children, as well as the occasional very light touch of humor is all just right!

Winter Bride  offers a real western pioneering flavor. Sorting the large number of characters occasionally slows what otherwise would be a fast-paced western. However, its a small point of complaint. I do think anyone who enjoys a good western romance OR adventure should put Winter Bride right at the top of their reading list.

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