Winter Boys: Troy by Sean Michael

Winter Boys: Troy by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Meet the Winter boys – Todd, Tommy and Troy. Can these triplets each find their happily ever after?

Todd and Tommy have found their happily ever afters, but Troy is still single and doesn’t even mingle. He’s got his nose to the grindstone, working easily eighteen hours a day, seven days a week. He’s focused and driven and takes only rare breaks, usually to visit the family. This year the boys even have to talk him into coming to the family birthday dinner.

Dee Smyth owns a landscaping business that essentially runs itself now, which lets him do the part he loves best – the planning and actual landscaping. He’s an easy going, friendly guy. When he sees Troy across the room at a holiday business party, he’s immediately intrigued. When the company is fairly dull and the food subpar, Dee asks Troy to go have dinner with him. One thing leads to another and Dee takes Troy home.
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The two men are super compatible, Dee even being a Top to Troy’s very closeted bottom, but is Troy willing not only to trust Dee, but to make time in his business filled schedule to find out if there’s something real between them?

Troy is a confirmed workaholic and he knows he should take more time for himself but he’s just never managed to do that. He finds some incentive when he meets Dee at a Christmas party he’s networking at, but neither man was expecting to find something serious or so special together.

I really enjoyed this full length story. While Troy and Dee get intimate extremely quickly that’s not too unexpected for a heavily erotic story like this. Even though I didn’t find the near-immediate intimacy realistic I was pleased that the progression of Troy and Dee’s relationship was emotional and a lot more fulfilling. I greatly enjoyed getting to know Troy and Dee’s characters better as they learned about each other and found this really helped even out the pacing of the story as a whole and made it a lot more logical and relatable. Troy had a little bit of a hidden (even to himself, I believe) streak of submissive in him. Readers who aren’t a fan of BDSM shouldn’t be put off by this – I felt the handling of that side to the story was given a very light touch and I was pleased with this because it added an extra element to the story – and the sex in particular – but it didn’t detract from the main element of the romance and relationship building between Troy and Dee.

There’s a small but very strong cast of secondary characters – primarily surrounding Troy’s family members. Readers should be aware that one of the smaller sub-plots involves Troy’s much younger sister being in a difficult situation. While I personally found it tastefully and sensitively handled and this is a very, very small part of the story I feel some of the issues raised might be polarizing or difficult for other readers to have addressed in a steamy, erotic story.

While this is the third book in the series (Troy is the eldest of triplet boys and the previous two stories revolve around these two brothers) I easily picked this up by itself and had no problems happily following along despite not reading the other two books. I got a good kick out of Troy’s family members and felt they added some much-needed depth and dimension to the story and I was pleased with the added plot they all lent which helped keep the book from being purely about Troy and Dee and their relationship.

While very heavy on the sexual element between the two men I found myself really enjoying this story and read it very quickly. Readers who enjoy a lot of sex and passion in their stories – along with a light bit of kink and a side-dish of family shenanigans should find this a fun and interesting sexy read. I enjoyed this story and it will be going on my keeper shelf, for sure.

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