Wildest Dreams by Savannah Kade

Wildest Dreams by Savannah Kade
Publisher: Griffyn Ink
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (275 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Bougainvillea

Jenn Lesley isn’t finding the man of her dreams, so a friends-with-benefits situation suits her just fine in the meantime. But it’s Walker who’s there when her new perfect man isn’t so perfect.

Walker Booth knows that he and Jenn have simply hooked up, not fallen in love or anything like that. So why do his paintings start to bear her face?

When fate throws them a curve, Jenn may be too busy trying to right the trouble of her past to see that Walker is full of surprises.

This story took friends with benefits and put a fresh spin on an old story. Jenn and Walker had no intentions beyond being a casual fling. In fact, you watch them end and rekindle their rendezvous hook ups fairly effortlessly throughout the book. Jenn sees someone else, Walker is busy in his art work. In nearly every friends with benefits book I have ever read, I have seen the friendship either ruined or develop into a beautiful romance that makes you want to hug the characters. Kade’s book is refreshing and realistic. Is it beautiful? Yes. Was it messy getting there? Yes! Which is what made me love it so much. This book embodies what modern day relationships actually look like.

When Jenn and Walker find themselves pregnant, while Jenn is dating someone else no less, you see their relationship with a fresh perspective. I felt genuine concern from Walker that went farther than a casual fling or standard friendship, but was met with resistance from a stubborn, “do it herself” Jenn. Jenn is someone I relate to greatly. I am fiercely independent. I don’t need a man. But when Jenn finds herself in a situation where she needs Walker, you watch Walker fiercely pursue to protect and honor her. Jenn, a bit reluctantly, allows him to take care of her.

This is a story that pulled my heartstrings as I felt as if I’m watching my own love story. A hard headed woman meets a man who doesn’t care how stubborn she is, he pushes to love her regardless. I wish there was a sequel! Definitely a recommended book to all!

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