Wilde Child by Eloisa James

Wilde Child by Eloisa James
book 6 of 6 in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

He wants a prim and proper duchess, not the Wildest of the Wildes!

Already notorious for the golden hair that proves her mother’s infidelity, Lady Joan can’t seem to avoid scandals, but her latest escapade may finally ruin her: she’s determined to perform the title role of a prince—in breeches, naturally.

She has the perfect model for an aristocratic male in mind: Thaddeus Erskine Shaw, Viscount Greywick, a man who scorned the very idea of marrying her.

Not that Joan would want such a dubious honor, of course.
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For years, Thaddeus has avoided the one Wilde who shakes his composure, but he’s horrified when he grasps the danger Joan’s putting herself in. Staring into her defiant eyes, he makes the grim vow that he’ll keep her safe.

He strikes a bargain: after one performance, the lady must return to her father’s castle and marry one of three gentlemen whom he deems acceptable.

Not including him, of course.

I have never heard of the author, Eloisa James ,who is a New York Times Bestseller. Based on the one book that I just finished, Wilde Child, it’s clear I’ve been missing out. One of the other reviewers here at Long and Short Reviews, Xeranthemum, has reviewed all the previous books in the series. I took the time to read her reviews of the Wildes of Lindow Castle series and promptly went to Amazon to purchase the box set. I can’t wait to start from book one. I enjoyed this novel immensely and want to read the previous five stories in this series as soon as possible.

Wilde Child can be read as a standalone although I wish I hadn’t requested it. Based on the knowledge that I have gathered, I prefer to start the series from the beginning. I wish I knew Xeranthemum was following the series so she could have reviewed this novel. I agree with all of Xeranthemum’s earlier reviews. The Wildes family of Lindow Castle are unique, refreshing and entertaining. The best characteristic of the Wildes is their family loyalty to each other.

I fell in love with the heroine, Lady Joan. She was independent, feisty, possessed a witty sense of humor and was guided by her tender heart. The hero, Thaddeus, was preparing to be the ever-so-proper Duke. He lost perspective of any joy in his life, that is, until he met Lady Joan. At first the two of them shared a dislike of each other that turned from protectiveness to love. It was an entertaining read to see their perceptions of each other evolve from disgust to lust to true love. It was a scandalous process that resulted in several book glows.

The plot contained several memorable scenes. Joan’s good friend Otis was hilarious as Ophelia in the Hamlet play. The banter between him and Joan had me giggling. The back and forth repartee of Joan and Thaddeus was equally funny. The aging peacock, Fitzy, and Gully, the castle goat, had me cracking up as well. There were some serious scenes such as the ones between Thaddeus and his father. There were joyous scenes such as the birth of Joan’s sister, Viola. Then there were some sad scenes such as when they shared their past hurts. Then there were a few scenes where I hated Thaddeus’s father. All in all when put together, Wilde Child was a book that I didn’t want to put down or have it end.

I’m thrilled to have discovered a new author, Eloisa James. I anticipate the Wildes of Lindow Castle series will be going on my “keepers’ bookshelf” once it’s delivered by my favorite book store. Happy Reading!

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