Wicked Paradise by Erin Richards


Wicked Paradise by Erin Richards
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Full (185 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 4.5 stars
Review by Poppy

Balanced between the future and the past lies a pre-utopian paradise that may be mankind’s last hope for survival. Yet the island hides a sinister secret…a fearsome demon from ancient Ireland is imprisoned there and it’s about to escape to the twenty-first century.

Desperate to save a future post-apocalyptic world from total destruction, sorcerers send the most powerful sorceress from medieval times, Morgan of the Druids, through time to an island prison to kill WindWraith, the long-imprisoned Fomorian demon.
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After a deadly squall tosses Druid-assassin Ryan O’Rourke into the Pacific Ocean, he washes ashore on an unchartered island brimming with magic. Ryan’s determined to find a way to return to Earth’s wasteland to battle the resurrected Fomorians plaguing the dwindling human race. When he stumbles across the enchantress who tantalizes his dreams to the point of madness, his plans turn upside down. For she stirs in him a hunger that puts his life’s purpose at risk.

Morgan has no choice but to kill the Fomorian before it kills her. But Ryan has other plans for the demon . . . Now Morgan and Ryan must decide between love and duty in a perilous race against the evil that could destroy Earth.

Full of vivid imagery and an amazing plot, Wicked Paradise is a gem in the fantasy romance genre.

I was amazed at how well this story sucked me right in, from the beginning set centuries ago, to a dystopian future on a cursed, but beautiful island. The two main characters are incredibly three dimensional, and I was fully invested in both. I never thought they acted out of character or without motivation, and understood their reasoning for behavior (good and bad) easily.

The sexual heat was smoking hot, even though they didn’t act on it right away. It built and built until I was ready to explode, right along with Ryan and Morgan! It was fantastic and just how I like it: a long build-up with a passion right when and where it’s fitting.

The plot was interesting and complex. I worried for our characters being trapped on the island with the magic- consuming demon. How would they ever survive? Well woven and believable. Nicely done. Here’s hoping to a sequel. Soon. I can’t wait to visit with these characters (including a baby flying horse!) soon.


  1. thank you for hosting today

  2. Hi! Thanks for your awesome review of Wicked Paradise and for hosting me today! I really appreciate it. I hope to write a sequel soon, and actually have a couple stories in mind.


  3. Karen H in NC says

    Thanks for this indepth review. I like the fact the author held off putting the H/H in bed, building the sexual tension to the peak! IMO, that is so much hotter than having a sex scene every other page!

    Erin, you are a new-to-me author so I am please to make your acquaintance during your book blog hop. Sorry I’ve missed the early days but at least I have a chance to say HI now. Your book sounds really good. I’m going to be looking into it a bit closer.

  4. Great review, thank you.

  5. Great review and great excerpt.

  6. Mary Preston says

    4 1/2 stars tells me a great deal thank you.


  7. Hi Karen, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to meet you too and that you’re intrigued with Wicked Paradise!

    Thanks all for stopping by, and to Long and Short Reviews for having me here today!


  8. Very nice review.


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