Wicked Kingpin by Winter Sloane

Wicked Kingpin by Winter Sloane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When her traitorous brother loses Leah Taylor in a game of cards, Leah tastes despair for the first time in her life. She’s spared from a fate worse than death when Knox Carter takes an interest in her. Knox rules the city with an iron fist and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Knox is a monster. He claims Leah is now his property but he treats her like a queen. Leah can’t fall in love with a mobster, but once he conquers her body, she knows her heart won’t be far behind.

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As two orphaned teens, Leah had idolized her brother, but time had moved on and when desperation at repaying his debts pushed Larry to offer Leah’s virginity to cover what he owed Leah finally accepted the brother she had adored was gone. Knox might be the mob boss, but the moment he lays eyes on Leah he wants her. A monster he might be, wicked to the core – but Leah can’t help her attraction to the darkly dangerous Knox.

I found this to be a sexy and well-plotted mob-style short story. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t really feel the chemistry and attraction between Leah and Knox initially – it was hard for me to feel the vibe between the two main characters when Knox was strongly portrayed as an iron-fisted mob kingpin and Leah was just a pawn trying to get herself out of trouble from her brother’s poor choices. The imbalance of power took away a lot of the sexy feel for me, even though Knox appeared to want Leah for his own from the moment he laid eyes on her. Even though they didn’t become fully intimate immediately – which I was grateful for – the relationship progressed very quickly and I couldn’t help but feel much of the growing attraction was due more to Leah going along with the flow rather than a more relatable style of emotional attachment.

The plot of Knox’s business dealings and work enemies was far better balanced to my mind and I really enjoyed this aspect of the story. I felt the pace here was even and progressed at a good clip – it totally retained my attention and in some ways I found this side to the story was far better handled. While the romance growing between Knox and Leah felt uneven and somewhat unrealistic to me, the dangers and problems associated with a mob-style business and issues that need to be handled related to that was written in a far stronger manner and I really enjoyed this half of the story.

Readers looking for a sexy mob-style erotic story may find the romance a little uneven but overall the interesting characters, well drawn and paced plot and descriptive sex scenes should satisfy many readers.

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