Wicked Fire by Raisa Greywood

Wicked Fire by Raisa Greywood
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Erotic Romance, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Freedom isn’t a blessing. It’s a curse.

I’m lost in the modern world, beset by the rage of the Archer clan, and given the impossible task of bringing my former ally to justice once and for all. The Mad King Teran wants to wreck the world and I am its unlikely savior.

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After all I’ve done, the path to redemption will be long, but I will succeed. Even if it costs me everything.

This is an interesting new novel about Morgaine Le Fay and the life decisions she made. The worst one was falling for the light Sidhe Fergus Archer, yet you have to feel sorry for her. Fergus was an expert seducer and Morgaine was still naïve. It didn’t help that he spiked her drink. It was horrible to watch him rape her and then allowed every member of his family to draw upon her magic. She vows revenge.

Morgaine’s life becomes extremely difficult and at the same time becomes the best it ever has since she was young and still with her parents. I could feel her confusion when her prison is suddenly destroyed, and she was thrust into the 21st century with nothing to her name.

Draco has an interesting sense of humor and I love how confused he is of everything that is the 21st century. It was a great amount of fun (with some LOL moments, like when he commented on the band, Korn) and I love how the author made their relationship change over time. Trust slowly building until lust takes over and then over protectiveness. One of the first kind things Morgaine finally receives is a good meal, a bath, and clean clothes making her finally feel like a real person. Draco doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions, though, or how they make him feel. There’s a lot of growing and changing both characters have to do.

I did think the ending was rather rushed. But I adored this plot and the twists and turns that make it an interesting read. So many different relationships and watching them change and develop is a real pleasure. So, the only things I would like to see change is the beginning take off a little faster and the ending not to be quite so quick. A great read especially for those that love the old legends of Britain.

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