Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke? by Laura A. Barnes

Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke? by Laura A. Barnes
Tricking the Scoundrels, Volume 2
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (204 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

An afternoon spent in disguise leads to a passion that …

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While trying to prevent her friend from a scandal Sophia Turlington becomes entangled in her own. As she waits for her friend in a brothel, a duke mistakes her for a harlot. When he requests an arrangement, Sophia decides to explore the passion he awakens in her soul. Her only stipulations for the affair are a mask, one week, and he must never discover her true identity. Can Sophia give him her heart and walk away as if their time never affected her?

Alexander Langley’s life as a prominent duke will soon come to an end unless he can acquire a duchess whose family can support him through a scandal. When he meets a violet-eyed temptress that awakens his every desire his search comes to a halt. As they explore their passion, he loses his heart to a woman he can never marry. Will Alex put aside his status in the ton for a love to last a lifetime?

Throughout the season Lady Sophia Turlington and Alexander Langley, the Duke of Sheffield’s dislike for one another is known to all. A chance encounter throws them together as Alex and ‘Violet’. After their time ends, Sophia wants Alex to see her for herself. If not, then she might as well accept her friend’s marriage proposal. Can Alex overcome Sophia’s deceit? Or will his need for revenge destroy the love she holds for him?

I read the first book in this series and absolutely loved it. Even though I couldn’t wait for the second one to be released, I don’t have an excuse good enough to explain why I just read it today when it was released a couple of months ago. All I know is I loved Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke? too. Now I’m impatient for #3 to be released. Each book can be read as a standalone. This is my fifth Laura A. Barnes novel and her writing style has remained wonderfully consistent and one of my favorites. I would never hesitate to recommend one of her books to read.

I particularly loved seeing the the hero, Duke of Sheffield, succumb to falling in love with Sophia, the heroine. It was no secret they disliked each other in the first book. I actually read Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or a Duke? in a few hours. Wow, did it enrich my day!

The plot and delivery were well-developed and orchestrated in a refreshing and clever presentation, giving me an unpredictable and entertaining read. The cast of characters were a fun lot. I loved their matchmaking efforts and I anticipate that Rory and Dallis are going to make their own story an awesome read in the Tricking the Scoundrels series too.

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