White Girl by Grace Jelsnik

White Girl by Grace Jelsnik
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (107 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

When her lifelong best friend, Maggie, entrusts a USB drive into Tashina’s care, she tells the rookie FBI agent to give it to an unknown David if anything happens to her. He’ll find her, Maggie assures her. Hours later, Maggie is dead, and Tashina’s family and friends are under surveillance. She has nowhere to run but to the home of her mother’s people, the Lakota Sioux on Pine Ridge Reservation. In her journey from California to South Dakota and back again, the half-Lakota Tashina learns not only what is on the USB drive but also what it means to be half-Indian and half-white in a world where both sides still nurse old grievances. A mission to honor a friend’s request becomes a period of discovery for the woman disparagingly called “white-girl.”

When the world around you is about to change and you hold the key to stopping the potential collapse of the world economy; would you be able to risk everything to save those who have always alienated you?

White Girl follows the story of Tashina O’Donnell, a rookie FBI agent who aside from finding her own place in her work, struggles to reconcile her own Native American heritage. Since she is half Lakota Sioux she faces discrimination from both the rest of society and her family. With a darker skin complexion and blue eyes, she finds difficulty blending in and especially going undercover.

When she is forced to run or be killed, Tashina makes difficult decisions that in turn impact the future of both the U.S. Economy and the economic struggles of the entire world. The mysterious stranger, David, is not quite the knight in shining armor, but is not too far from it. Greatly helpful at some points and frustrating and mission focused at others, David brings his own history and past to complicate the mission that they must complete.

The author puts a great emphasis on the plight of Tashina’s family and proud heritage. With descriptive accounts of the history of the Lakota Sioux and excellent dramatic dialogue between Tashina, her family, and David the reader begins to understand the difficult and strained social relationship that exists in today’s society. The author puts light on the struggles of Tashina’s people and shows Tashina’s struggles to be accepted as a member of her own tribe.

As if the interactions of society were not enough there is still the pursuers who will stop at nothing to recover the USB drive and see Tashina dead. Add to that the strained relationship between Tashina and David and you have a severely complex story that causes the reader to look at the root of our own shared society.

Be sure not to miss this great adventure which will have you considering how you look at our societal interactions and the world today!

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