When The Lights Go Out by Nina Jaynes

When The Lights Go Out by Nina Jaynes
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (43 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM (mild)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Darby Abbots. Polite. Professional. In control. Until the night comes and fantasies of her younger co-worker, Kaidan Shawnessy take over. Then she’s sexy, wild, and doing things with him she wouldn’t dare in the light of day. But when a blackout traps them together in her office and Kaidan makes a move, will Darby let go of her inhibitions and allow the hot computer tech to fulfill her deepest desires?

Darby is a lawyer in the middle of a massive negotiation. Her world is full of rules: show no emotion, only show strength and keep herself under control. But Kaidan Shawnessy, a computer technician, threatens to break her iron-held control. When they’re both stuck alone in the office tower during a black out, Darby’s every good intention can finally be thrown out the window, and Kaidan decides to show her just how strict he can be.

This is a seriously sensual, smoking hot short story. Definitely one to hide if you’re reading it on the train or sneaking a quick peek at work, this naughty story will inflame your every sense. I loved how the author wrote in some short, sharp, choppy sentences. It really made me feel like there was an urgency to the entire tale. Naughty things happen in the dark when the lights are off, and this sizzling story is proof of that. I liked how we knew just enough about Darby and Kaidan to give them life, but weren’t bogged down with pages of back story or explanations as to how, why, when and where they could finally come together. Their attraction was instant and very explicitly written. As a reader I had no doubt about where they would end up and the quick, sharp ride there was delicious.

I found this hit a lot of good spots for me. A smart, controlled, confident heroine who knows exactly what she wants but has a few, secret, weak spots. A strong, dominating hero who knows when to bend and when to stand firm. Mix these two characters in with some truly fantastic writing and this is totally going on my keeper shelf. Indeed, I happily read it twice before even coming up for air to try and assimilate it all in my head. An astonishingly good read from a surprising new author. I’ll definitely be checking more of Ms. Jaynes’ work out.

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