Whatever He Wants by Karenna Colcroft

Whatever He Wants by Karenna Colcroft
Boys Will Do Boys
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (73 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Grad student Randall has a reputation to uphold. He’s too busy to fall in love, and is known among his friends as the king of one-night stands. He prefers it that way until he meets Isaiah at a party.

Against all of Randall’s expectations, Isaiah turns out to be exactly what he’s looking for, and for the first time Randall’s heart gets involved. Randall doesn’t know whether Isaiah is truly interested in him or just playing the player, but to find out, Randall will do whatever Isaiah wants.

Randall had been mired in work, so his cousin, Brad, brings him to a party to try and relax, and maybe get laid. Spotting the table with free food and drink, Randall makes a beeline for it – hungry in more than one way. When reaching for the rum, he literally bumps into Isaiah, a white-blond, tanned demi-god who appears hot enough to singe Randall’s fantasies. Randall is usually a one night stand kind of guy, but something about Isaiah makes him want for things usually well off his to-do list. Isaiah appears to feel the same, and things move quickly for the two men. But when Isaiah leaves, Randall discovers a one-hour-stand isn’t enough anymore, and he needs to find Isaiah to prove it.

I’ve not read a lot of M/M, but I found this novella quite appealing. I enjoy reading things from the male perspective, and this book certainly whet my appetite for more. I feel the author has really nailed the male point of view, which is somewhat different to the female. There’s less emotional connection and more of a focus on the act of sex and what they want to do or have done to them. Randall’s voice is also really clear, he’s initially not interested in making a deep soul connection, or searching through a bunch of candidates to find his ideal partner, he wants an excellent fuck and a good time. Rough as it sounds, I still thought this was very tastefully – and sexily – written. I enjoyed the straight forward manner of Randall’s telling the story and despite his insistence on not wanting a connection I could still see the small threads that bound Randall and Isaiah as they came together. Isaiah seemed more than up for the challenge Randall posed and I had a feeling from the beginning this would be a very different experience for Randall.

While this won’t be every reader’s cup of tea, I genuinely enjoyed it. Partly for the different perspective, partly for the hot M/M sex, but also partly because Isaiah was this lovely mix of sweet and domineering. The author did a great job of having Isaiah dominant enough to pull off topping Randall, but it was clear there was a genuine connection on his part from the beginning. I found that added a sense of sweetness to his claiming of Randall’s ass. I was a little disappointed that in a few places there were repetitive phrases which pulled me out of the fantasy of the story a little, but not enough to really ruin anything for me. The plot of finding Isaiah after their quick fuck at the party was a little thin, but I felt there was enough tension in Randall’s rapidly changing perspective on relationships to help move this story along.

A good read and an author I’d definitely look up again.

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