Wanted by Caren Gallimore

Wanted by Caren Gallimore
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (353 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Misflower

Caitlyn Daniels didn’t plan to fall in love, least of all with a wanted outlaw. Life was too exciting to waste it on domesticities.
However, when Dakota Cabe rode into town, she lost her heart to him. His reputation, which left most women in need of smelling salts, didn’t deter her; she saw the man beneath the tough façade of a hard-hearted desperado. When the sheriff forced him out of town, she was devastated. She understood his reasons to protect her from bounty hunters, but she’d rather live on the run than without him. But he didn’t ask, and she didn’t tell him she was pregnant. Her pride wouldn’t allow her.

Eighteen months later, John Wakefield, a vindictive outlaw, kidnaps her son and her friend. Her pride was meaningless. She’d make a deal with the devil if it could change things.

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In her desperate pursuit to rescue her son, she collides with Dakota, surprisingly on the same mission. She needs a man as cold, brutal, and cunning as the man who has her son; she needs Dakota Cabe. And she wasn’t too proud to beg if necessary, but she didn’t have to.

Former lovers, now daring desperados they put their past aside to save their son. Together they confront vicious outlaws; friends turned enemies and an unruly love neither of them can deny nor control.

Wanted is written in the fashion of “Oh, C’mon, are you serious?”. This was the book’s motto for me. Wanted was literally impossible to put down. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Needless to say my attention was captured from the beginning of the story until the last written word.

One of the reasons I was smitten immediately was the writing style. I enjoyed the detailed descriptions that made me feel like I was part of the scene too. I could imagine the hero, Dakota and the heroine Caitlyn’s first encounter. They both instantly noticed something about each other that drew and held their attention to each other. I was in complete agreement with Caitlyn’s assessment of Dakota. He was book boyfriend worthy with the anticipation of a book glow at the end. Together they made for an entertaining read.

I enjoyed the cast of characters and thought they were all well developed. I only wish the one character, Elizabeth, didn’t have that unexpected plot thread. It took away the enjoyment of the book for me. There was enough suspense and action going on that we didn’t need to add that twist.

I thoroughly enjoy when a book offers an epilogue. However, not when it’s presented as a wrap up to the entire book. To me it was like a slammed door in my face. I was like whoa, after all the time I invested in this story falling in love with Dakota, it left me feeling like the epilogue wasn’t justified. I was left wondering how things worked out with Elizabeth living next door. Did Dakota and Caitlyn move? I didn’t feel safe with the way things ended. But that’s me. It didn’t feel consistent, but that’s my thought. You might see it another way.

This book is interesting and the style is great. Why not give it a try?


  1. WANTED, author Caren Gallimore
    I love this book and did not want it to end. I have read Wanted twice and have bought two books for friends. In my mind I envision this book becoming a movie. Daily I daydream of who will be chosen to make up the cast..

    The main characters are woven so well together I feel as though I have known Dakota and Caitlyn during my life time.

    A wonderful book! Five stars plus!

    A wonderful book!

  2. RiverRiver says

    Wow. I usually don’t read westerns but the cover really intrigued me. What a page turner, I could not put it down. Caitlyn is my type of woman. She’s good looking, a good shot and can ride bare back. She’s strong headed and will not take no for an answer. Dakota’s just the kind of guy she needs to keep her in check. Together they team up to take on savage outlaws who kidnapped her son. Please don’t miss this one,I give it 5 stars.

  3. Bruce Carl Ertmann says

    WANTED is a colorful romance novel that evolves into a raucous love story. The principal characters, Caitlyn and Dakota, jump with realism from the pages, thanks to the author’s careful and detailed development. I felt like I have been to some of the old West settings–like Ruby’s Saloon, Devil’s Canyon and Stillwater. And, I could smell the sweat of outlaws, feel the gritty dust rising from beneath the horses, hear the incessant chirping of crickets as day gives way to night and see the strong-willed Caitlyn as she loads up with guns that nearly dwarf her diminutive frame.

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