Waking Beauty by Nikki Prince

Waking Beauty by Nikki Prince
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Length: Short Story (49 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F, BDSM, sex toys, anal play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Once Upon a Dream, 1

Aurora Devine’s libido has been asleep for over eight years. She’s had the curse of not being able to have the big O since running away from her Master, Felipe Santiago Castro. The last time she came at the hand of a man was with Felipe.

She’s convinced the only way she can find peace of mind and pleasure is to go to Once Upon a Dream Fantasies. Aurora signs up, asking for everything she’s lost eight years before to be fulfilled in a fantasy.

Felipe wants to show Aurora that he’s the only fantasy she needs. He’ll do anything to have her back in his life as his submissive. He plays along and gives her the fantasy she wants, but in the end hopes she’ll realize that her submissiveness calls to his dominance and they’re a matched pair.

As a fairy tale lover, the premise of this naughty tale caught my attention from the start. A contemporary read that has magic woven into its fabric made this story magical but without detracting from the reality of the character’s situation.

Master Felipe, and submissive Aurora haven’t seen each other for over eight years, but neither has forgotten the other. With a little nudge from Dr. Fairee (I loved the twist on names the author created), the characters reunite.

The magic takes a secondary role as emotions come out to play: Fear, lust, passion and love, appear with the reunion of Aurora and Felipe. Together with this array of emotions, Nikki Prince creates images that made me sigh, smile and pull out a fan (the scene on the bedroom swing left me reeling, wow!).

The only error I found within this book was an editing mistake. As a BDSM novel, as far as I understand it, the words Sir and Master should be capitalized. More than once I tumbled upon the word “Sir” written all in lower cases. A minor mistake, but distracting nonetheless.

A sizzling naughty fairy tale, Waking Beauty is book 1 in a series that I will be looking forward to reading in the future.

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