Volume 1: The Limo Driver: The Pothos Chronicles by Skye Turner

Volume 1: The Limo Driver: The Pothos Chronicles by Skye Turner
Publisher: Self-Published (Skye Turner Books)
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

On what was supposed to be a dream night, Nora graduates from college but her life is falling apart.

The life she’s always envisioned is nothing like her reality.

Unwilling to tell her family what a sham her “accomplishments” are, she climbs into her present from her father, an elegant limo, for the night with a fake smile and a wave and indulges on the champagne intended to “celebrate” her big night.

At Nora’s drunken request, the limo driver takes her on a ride she’ll never forget. Sex abounds, fantasies are fulfilled, and her night takes a decidedly upwards turn as the limo driver becomes more than she ever imagined.

Hot, hot, hot.

I knew this would be a short story. That’s what I wanted. What I didn’t expect was there to be so much jam packed in this short story. It’s hot and that’s no understatement. The writing is good, and I had to finish the story. I wanted to know what would happen next.

I realize this is a short story, so there isn’t much detail, but really, it wasn’t needed. There was just enough to get the point across and keep the story heated. I can say it did singe the page.

If you’re looking for a hot short story for a lunch break read, then this is the one for you.

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