Two Men by Kate Richards

Two Men by Kate Richards
 Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (32 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Aster

Forest ranger Rex has never been with a man, but his overwhelming feelings toward his best friend are driving him to distraction. After catching Paul in an intimate moment, he flees, but determined to find a way to get his friend in his bed.

Paul is a ladies’ man from way back, always making jokes, never serious about anything but his job as a fire fighter. Yet after many years of friendship, he’s surprised to find himself watching Rex cross a room and imagining him naked, under him. But does he really want to make love to a man? Or will he make a fool of himself?

A 1Night Stand in the beautiful Caribbean may hold the answer to both their questions.

Best friends for life – but what if one begins to have romantic feelings for the other? And what if both of these two happen to be men who’ve never shown any signs of being gay?

Rex is a backcountry ranger who spends weeks at a time away from home. Because of his job, and close friendship to his friend Paul, a firefighter who also spends a good deal of time out of the house, the two share a condo, figuring neither needed anything more. They had been friends for years, sharing many things – including double dates. But lately, Rex’s feelings for his old friend have become more. He has a crush on Paul, and contacts Madame Eve to set up his dream date. Unbeknownst to Rex, Paul shares this hidden desire, and also signs up for a 1Night Stand.

I enjoyed reading the tale of how Rex and Paul, who we met previously in Two Men and a Virgin, originally became romantic. Neither having participating in a gay relationship prior, it was interesting to watch them figure out the mechanics of it. I think there are normal questions people have – how does it work? What do we do? The author does a good job of handling a delicate subject with tenderness and understanding, and even a bit of humor.

The only negative I’d really have is there is not much written to distinguish the two characters from each other, so it is difficult to tell them apart. In a typical male/female story, pronouns are easy and there’s no confusion. In male/male stories, it’s helpful to have a way to determine who’s who without much thinking. Mannerisms, dialogue, etc. can help differentiate each character, but in this story, both men are very similar. That helps with the friendship and attraction, but made me think a bit more while reading, to keep them apart.

The book ends abruptly, and I would have enjoyed a conversation between Rex and Paul as resolution, but both seemed to be on the same page. The love the two felt for each other came through, and this was ultimately a tale of discovery and exploration. If you’re looking for a story of first time gay love, this may be one to look into.


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